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Kipps Apparatus, Plastic


Material: High Density Polythylene 

Kipps Apparatus made of Polythelene has three fundamental bits. The best part is fitted with a thorn pipe and a knob structure through whic...



Material: Polypropylene 

Made of polypeopylene these stirrer are exceptionally helpful stirrings diverse arrangements in the laboraotry.,The stirrer turn out to be extreme and...

Specimen Jar (Gas Jar), Plastic


Material : Polystyrene 

These straightforward example containers, utilized for protecting distinctive examples in the lab are given a top that fits in tight. These jugs gave g...

Rectangular Jar, Plastic


Material : Polycarbonate 

These straightforward rectangular jugs are multipurpose jugs. Where as on one hand these jugs are exceptionally helpful for safeguarding examples the...

Coplin Jar


Material: Polypropylene 

Coplin bump made of Polypropylene can hold 10 slides of the size 1"x3" consecutive. The inside of the Coplin Jar is scored in an approach to hold slid...

Reagent Reservoir


Material: Polyrpopylene 

Shaped in Polypropylene this autoclavable reagent supply is useful for multi channel pipettes to be utilized into mocrotiter plates.

Universal Reagent Reservoir


Material: Polyrpopylene 

This all inclusive reagent supply is a graduated single reagent repository with greatest volume of 50 ml store with 8 isolate numbered 5 ml reagent ch...

Staining Box


Material: Polyrpopylene 

Shaped in polyproplyene this recoloring confine helps recoloring settling de-recoloring and taking care of delicate electrophoresis gels and menbranes...

Megenta Box


Material: Polycarbonate/Polypropylene 

Fuchsia enclose is frequently utilized tissue culture and farming exploration experiments.Main body of this container is made of trough ...

Test Tube Baskets


Material: Polyrpopylene 

Test Tube bushels are made of polypropleyene .These autoclavable unbreakable and non destructive crates are perfect for washing and depleting glasswar...

Draining Basket


Material: Polyrpopylene 

As the name propose this crate with wide net like structure on all sides demonstrate extremely valuable for depleting distinctive research center cont...

Seperatory Funnel, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Seperatory channel is made of polypropylene giving it superb contact clearness and strength.This pear formed autoclavable seperating pipe has a sealed...

Funnel Holder, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

Made of polypropylene, These consumption free Funnel Holders can hold channels with dia 3" to 6". The additional plate gave would b be able to eplace...

Flask Stand, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

Formed in Polypropylene this Flask Stand gives a stair-like best view. Each progression gives great help to the round base carafe at each purpose of ...

Float Rack


Material: Polypropylene This foat rack formed in Polyrpopylene is calm comapct, autoclaveable and can hold 16 small scale rotator containers of 1.5ml for hatching in water showers. Simple to laod, ...

Pipette Box


Material: Polyrpopylene 

Made of polyproplyele this pipette confine is planned such a route, to the point that it can hold pipettes of various lengths.The best of the bos scre...

Slide Mailer


Material: Polypropylene 

Slide mailer introduce the best choice to convey arranged slides starting with one place then onto the next. Formed in Polypropylene , these slide mai...

Slide Storage Rack, Plastic


Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene 

Adding to the current scope of slide adornments, this side stockpiling rack made of ABS can hold 100 slides, unmistakable through th...

Policemen Stirring Rods


Material: Polypropylene 

This infact is a multipuropse mechanical assembly which fills in as a stirrer too spatula.The swelled closures of this bars frame two little spatulas....

L Shaped Spreader


Material: Polypropylene 

This Sterile ,smooth spreader empowers notwithstanding spreading of fluid examples over the surface of a jug plate without gathering and cutting the m...