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L Shaped Spreader 2


These sterile L formed circles are perfect for spreading of fluid examples on agar surfaces without exasperating media layer.

Animal Cage


Material : Polypropylene/Stainless steel 

Accessible in two distinct sizes, these confines give incredible asylum to various creature species in the research facility. The met...

Ice Bucket


Material: Polyurethane 

This ice busket is made of sturdy inflexible material bearing magnificent protecting properties.Contents can be put away in it utilizing dry ice,liquid...

Stop Cocks, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene/PTFE 

These polypropylene stop cocks are fitted with a PTFE , plug and have serated tubulations that acknowledge from 6mm to 10mm tubing. These stop co...

Animal cage (Twin Grill)


Material : Polypropylene/Stainless steel 

Including line with the current range, these Animal cagdes are given a Stainless steel barbecue at the base of the confine to give a ...

Plantation Pots, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Estate pots formed in polypropylene are accessible in four diverse size.These pots have descending broadened edge which give convineient lifting regar...

Simple Cell Pot


Material: Polypropylene 

Straightforward cell pot as the name propose is utilized for influencing basic cell to pot and voltmeters etc.Moulded in polypropylene this pot has gr...

Vacuum Filteration Apparatus


Vacuum filteration mechanical assembly are valuable to purge expansive volume tests proficiently in a simple and quick way. The channels are ultrasonically weld in the measure of device and jug has...

Leclanche Cell Pot, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Blown in polypropylene,this pot is utilized for making leclanche cell.This pot too has great contact lucidity and phenomenal chamicla obstruction.

Cuvettes, Plastic


Produced using fantastic virgin GPPS for most elevated optical lucidity and guarantees exact predictable outcomes even at high wavelengths. The reasonable windows makes optical pathway and recessed...

Petri Dish, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These Polypropylene Petri Dish are clear,unbrekable and autoclavable.

Petri Dish (Culture), Plastic


Material : Polystyrene 

These PS Petri Dish with fitting demonstrates superb for culture exp. Made in polystyrene, this straightforward Petri Dish gives magnificent inside vie...

Petri Dish (Disposable), Plastic


Material: Polystyrene 

These straightforward prepared to utilize expendable petri dish are made of optically clear,non toxic,polystrene.These petri dish pressed indivisually i...

Racks For Petri Dishes


Material: Polymethyl Methacrylate/Polycarbonate 

These racks are clear arcylic development with poly carbonate posts 69101 has an ability to hold 60 petri dish of 90 mm estima...

Transfer Pipette/Plastic Dropper



Pipette Serological


Pipette Serological, are fabricated only with high review polysstyrene(GPPS) which guarantees superb lucidity. The channel counteracts overloading and reasonable with all brands of pipetting device...

Pipette Pasteur


Pipette Pasteur are made of PE-LD and used to move of liquid in a fast and safe way.

Pipette Tips


Made of polypropylene.

Pipette Tips & Fliter Tips


Material: Polypropylene

Pipette Tips Box


Material: Polypropylene 

Withstand autoclaving and solidifying.