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Deep Multi Well Plates


Profound Multi Well Plates are fabricated from top notch virgin polypropylene and is astounding for test stockpiling. These plates are synthetic impervious to wide assortment of concoction and is g...

Syringe Filters


Syringe Filters are perfect for effective filtration of fluid and natural arrangements and is broadly utilized for applications in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, horticultural, ecological research ...

Transport Swab Sticks, PP


Material: Polypropylene

Ria Vial


Material: Polyrpopylene/Polystyrene

These Polypropylene/Polstyrene tubes are for the most part utilized as a part of RIA Coagulation and bacteriology. The Polypropylene tubes are clear a...

PCR Tube Rack


Material: Polycarbonate/Polypropylene This rack is for 96 PCR containers of 0.2ml, as the name recommends, is utilized for keeping PCR tubes. Top and base of this rack are made of extreme and strai...

Soft Loop Sterile


Material: Polystyrene 

This non dangerous expendable circle is exact to semi quantitative remain for habdling tests

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