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Box for Micro Centrifuge Tubes


Material: Polypropylene 

The tight fit cover guarantees tests won`t fall if box is switched. This crate is autoclavable at 121°C and freezable at - 80°C.

Cardboard Box for Micro Centrifuge Tubes


This rack is most reasonable where cone shaped axis tubes are in work. It has alphanumeric engraving for simple ID of test and can be effortlessly gathered or dismantle. Withstands autoclaving, sol...

Rack For Micro Centrifuge (Folding)


Material: Polyrpopylene 

These two-level flexible racks,made of polypropleyene, are autoclavable and can be utilized dry,in water balls shower or in freezers.These racks are f...

MCT Twin Rack


Material: Polypropylene 

Gives this twin Purpose rack to both 0.5ml and 1.5ml. Small scale centrifge tubes. Each side has 108 openings for 0.5ml and 1.5ml MCTs separately. The...



Material: Polycarbonate MCT Boxes are shaped in polycarbonate and are consequently stron and also autoclavable. One size can hold 64 MCTs of 1.5ml and the other can hold 100 MCTs of 0.5ml. These co...

Tissue Culture Plates


Tissue Culture Plates are amazingly ideal for cell development and yields. These plates are accessible either non-treated or surface treated to satisy distinctive applications. The uniform surface ...

Tissue Culture Flask


Tissue Culture Flasks are amazingly ideal for cell development and yeild. These cups are accessible either non-treated or surface treated to fulfill diverse application. The uniform surface treatme...

Tissue Culture Flask with Filter Cap


Tissue Culture Flask with Filter Cap has a hydrophobic channel which permits ideal gas trade and lessen shot of sullying. 

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Tissue Culture Dish


Tissue Culture Dishes are perfect holders for cell development and yeild. These dishes are accessible either non-treated or surface treated to fulfill diverse application. The uniform surface treat...

Cryo Vial-Internal Thread


Material: Polypropylene 

Adding to the excisitng scope of cryo vials is 2.0ml this vial which has inward string in it.The top fitted with an O-ring tighten to the vial and mak...

Relief of Land (Physical)


Ray exports charts are imprinted on a top notch quality paper with best quality ink so pictures and content seems clear and beautiful.

Cryo Vial


Material: Polypropylene 

Cryo vial are regularly utilized for dtroage of biologicalmaterial,human and creature cell.These disinfected tubes are furnished with white unmistakab...

Cryo Vial 2


Made of amazing virgin polypropylene and is able to withstand solidifying and autoclaving.

Cryo Coders


Material: Polystyrene 

These coders are accessible in various hues can without much of a stretch fit into top of cryo vials for shading distinguishing proof of various example...

Cryo Rack


Material: Polycarbonate 

Cyro rack is shaped in polypropylene making it trough tough and autoclavable.This convenient rack cah hold 50 vials at a time.The one of a kind elemen...

Cryo Box (PC)


Material: Polycarbonate 

Cryo encloses are formed polycarbonate making it additional solid and autoclavable .These can suit cryp vials of up to 4.5 ml limit and are intended t...

Cryo Box (PP)


Material: Polypropylene 

Shaped in polypropylene the highest point of the crate is appended to the base through all around outlined implicit hinges.The base has biult in space...

Cryo Box


These crates are made of PP with a tight fitting top which guarantees tests won`t drop out. These cases can hold most brands of Cryovials and additionally small scale tubes. Autoclavable a...

Cryo Box (Cardboard)


Made of exceptional kind of tough cardboard and is most adaptable and sparing alternative for capacity of 1.8ml cryovials and microtubes. These containers are chilly safe and can withstand long tim...

Urine Container


Material: Polypropylene 

These compartments can be utilized for colelcting an extensive variety of tests of sputum, pee and so forth. Shaped in polypropylene these holder have...