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Dials Interchangeable-TYPE 13


 Dials Interchangeable use with Demonstration Meter Interscale. Each dial comprises a laminated plastic panel 315 x 115 mm with a sealed molded box which contains t...

Digital Ammeter


Portable type, having the large display of 3½ digits, type LCD, power 9 Volts battery, accuracy +1 digit.

Digital Ammeter

Digital Multimeter Model-TYPE 1


D.C. Voltage 200 mV - 1000 V ± 0.5% ± 2 digitA.C. Voltage 200 V - 750 V ± 1.2% ± 10 digitD.C. Current 200 ?A - 10A ± 1% ± 2 digitResistance 200 Ohms - 2000 kOhms ± 1.2% ± 8 digitMax. Di...

Digital Multimeter Model-TYPE 2


D.C. Voltage 200 mV - 600 V ± 0.5% ± 2 digitA.C. Voltage 200 V - 600 V ± 1.2% ± 10 digitD.C. Current 200 ?A - 10 A ± 1% ± 2 digitResistance 200 Ohms - 2 MOhms ± 0.8% ± 2 digitTransistor...

Digital Multimeter Model-TYPE 3


D.C. Voltage 200 mV - 1000 V ± 0.5% ± 1 digitA.C. Voltage 2 V - 750 V ± 0.8% ± 3 digitD.C. Current 200 ?A - 10A ± 0.5% ± 1 digitResistance 200 Ohms - 20 MOhms ± 0.8% ± 1 digitMax. D...

Digital Voltmeter


Portable type, having large display of 3½ digits, type LCD, power9 Volts battery, accuracy +1 digit.DC voltage rangesa) 0 - 199.9 mV - 200 mVb) 0 - 1.99 V - 2Vc) 0 - 19.9 V - 20 Vd) 0 - 199.9 ...

Dual Student Ammeter & Voltmeter


This dual-purpose bench meter offers an analog quadruple range. A slide selector for amps/volts automatically selects internal shunting, indicating whether on amps or volts reading and secures the ...

Dynamo - Economical


A 6 V motor, hand driven mounted on base
A 6 V motor, hand driven mounted on the base. When driven produces a nice glow in the bulb.

Economy Bulb Holder


Plastic base, with the brass screw-type receptacle and two terminals.
Suitable for miniature base lamps. Accepts all replacement bulbs listed on this page. Plastic base, with brass screw-type re...

Economy Electricity Kit


A basic assortment of circuit components including 10 pcs. MES Lamp holdersl10 pcs. MES Bulbl1 pc. 6V Buzzer with connecting leadsl1 pc. Electric Motor, 3-6 Vl5 pcs. DPDT Slide Switchl1 pcs. 1....

Economy Switch


Constructed from a durable plastic with metal Fahnestock clips
This simple switch is constructed from a durable plastic with metalFahnstock clips for wire attachments.

Battery Eliminator 1Amp


This convenient, fixed-voltage Battery Eliminator is designed to be the safe and reliable source of low voltage, DC or AC power. It is ideal for use in classrooms and substitutes for a wide variety...

DC Motor Kit


  • Simple science project
  • Helps students learn about electricity, magnetism, and electric motors
  • Learn the DC Motor and its parts from the inside out
  • Includes i...

Basic Electricity Kit (3 Part Kit)


Six-cell holders (without cells), six bulbs in holders, three press switches, three two-way switches, 18 connecting leads, Primary Electricity Kit bookletPrimary Electricity Kit B
20 Repl...

Contact Key, Single


This very basic but well-made device is comprised of a plated spring arm with press knob, a contact stud, and plated connecting strip. Close a circuit simply.

Decade Resistance Box


Standard decade resistance box.
Up to a total of 11, 110 Ohms
Resistance resolution is at 1, 10, 100, and 1000 Ohms

Demonstration Motor Generator (AC/DC) - Shunt and Series


  • Demonstrates both shunt wound, and series wound connections
  • Capable of DC and AC operation
  • Easily dismantled to change the configuration.

Premium Spectrum Tube Power Supply


  • CE, CSA, and CUS approved - 115V AC -- 3 Wire Grounded
  • Flat black finish over entire power supply eliminates ambient light from effecting experimental outcomes and spectra.<...

Rheostat - Standard


This Rheostat is wound with heavily oxidized constantan wire on a vitreous enameled steel tube. The tube is supported on die cast ends. There is a heavy duty sliding contact made of phosphor br...

Single Stage Air Compressor Test Rig and Training System for engineering schools


Single Stage Air Compressor Test Rig and Training System, technical teaching equipment for engineering.