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Calibration Bath


calibration bath is used for calibration of temperature sensors, polymer studies. Finished stainless steel in...

Colony Counter


Body made of mild steel with attractive paint. Sloping at front cover with the large magnifying lens. Built-in large free illumination with black reflection free background. Colony Counter DI...

Water Bath (Constant Temperature)


It is Used to maintain in water the Marshal specimens to be tested at 600­+ 10 or 37.80+  as prescribed by the specifications. The Same Water bath can also be used for the Penetration t...

Dissolution Rate Test Instrument


This equipment comprises of a water bath made of perspex sheet with transparent at the top, fitted with a thermostatic control, maintains the temperature of water 37 deg. C. Covered vessel 10...

Environmental Test Chamber


 This apparatus consist of a double walled, interior chamber made up of stainless steel, an outer body made of CRC/G.I

Friability Test Apparatus


Friability Test Apparatus is Used for tablets to determine the durability at the time of production. A transparent plastic perspex drum with cover also a shaped radial fixed blade which carri...

Heating Mantle


It consist of 3 heating control and energy regulator. Maximum Temperature of 450° C. Capacity : 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 Liter, 2 Liter, 3 Liter, 5 Liter, 10 Liter, 20 Liter, 50 Liter, 100 Lit...

Vertical Autoclave


Fully automatic vertical autoclave and Industrial Autoclave with international quality standard. This vertical autoclave is designed to meet the requirements of sterilization procedures and i...

Portable Autoclave


Portable autoclaves comes with various safety measures and you will experience an easy and safe operation even in tough conditions. These units come with an international quality heating element an...

Cement Autoclave


Cement Autoclave is made of double walled units. The outer chamber is constructed with thick high-grade sheet duly pre-treated with primers and painted with stove enamel or powder coated ensu...

Laboratory Hot Air Oven


The hot air oven is designed to hold in heat and reduce energy output. The external case of this unit is ma...

Hot Air Oven (LED Display)


It is made up of  Double Walled. Mild steel, white powder coated/stove enameled. Inner Chamber - Aluminium / Stainless Steel OR FULLY S.S. Insulation - About 75mm thick glass wool. Heaters...

Hot Plate (Rectangular)


It is made of thick PCRC sheet-power coated or stainless steel.Top plate made of heavy C.I. or stainless st...

Hot Plate (Round)


Body made of thick PCRC sheet-power coated or full stainless steel. Top plate made of heavy C.I. or stainless steel and is fitted with the body in such a way that, the body gets minimum heat ...

Humidity Oven


Humidity Oven is used for curing cement mortar moulds.It consist of  Double walled, inside chamber stainless steel, an outer body made of CRC/G.I. - powder coated, Temp.varies from 10°C to 60...

Jomney End Quench Hardnability Tester


This apparatus is used for explaining the strength of steel by an experiment called Quench Test. This experiment will provide knowledge to student to know about the characteristics of the dif...

Light Weight Muffle Furnace

The weight and size of the furnace is 1/4 and 30% respectively as compared to the brick furnace. The heat up time is less. heat loss is very low-resulting in power saving. Construction: CRC sheet with...

Polishing Machine


It is a compact complete unit with independent driving motor, speed change arrangement, swan neck tap, drain pot, guard, cover and ON/OFF switches. Thus in this machine, you have a low priced compa...

Abrasion Testing Machine for Glazed Tiles


The ability of glazed tiles to resist surface abrasion encountered in every day use is determined by abrading the glazed surface either with a wet abrasive media consisting of steel balls of 1...