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Concrete Testing Machines

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VEE BEE Consistometer For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


VEE BEE Consistometer for Concrete Testing - The instrument is utilized for workability and in addition the consistency of fresh cement. A slump Cone and a graduated bar provided with the instrument encourages the administrator to discover slump values and vibration table with container and acrylic plate is utilized to discover workability of cement communicated in Vee Bee degrees, which is characterized as the time in seconds to finish required vibrating at which the fresh concrete flows out sufficiently to come in contract of the entire face of acrylic disc. Particular: The equipment comprises of: A vibrating table size 380mm long and 260mm wide, resting upon versatile help at a tallness of around 305mm over the floor, finish with Start/Stop switch, line, and attachment. A holder is settled to the base in to which a swivel arm is extended with channel and guide swivel arm is additionally separable from the vibrating table. The divisions of scale on the bar record the droop of the solid in millimeters. Provided finish with a sheet metal holder with lifting handles which can without much of a stretch be settled to the vibrating table. A droop cone open at the two closures with lifting handles and a packing bar of size 16mm dia and 600mm since quite a while ago adjusted at the two finishes.

Slump Test Apparatus For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


It is utilized for the assurance of the consistency of freshly mixed concrete, where the most extreme size of the aggregates does not surpass 38mm. Particular: The device comprises of one slump cone with handles and foot pieces. The slump cone has inside measurement 20 cm dia at base 10 cm top dia and 30 cm ht foot pieces can be settled to the clamps on the base plate. The base plate has lifting handle for simple transportation. One graduated steel pole 16mm dia x 600mm since a long time ago Rounded at the two closures and graduated in mm is likewise provided.

Southard Viscometer For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


Putty consistency can be balanced utilizing this instrument. A 50mm I.D. metal chamber is mounted on a wooden stage. A tight cylinder climbs to down without handing over this barrel. Working stroke is 65mm. A metal extension is given to gauge provided a finish with lime putty thickness vessel.

Compaction Factor Apparatus For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


The mechanical assembly is utilized for deciding the workability of new concrete, gave the most extreme size of the aggregates does not surpass 38mm. The test is especially helpful for concrete blends of low workability where genuine slump value are not dependable. Specification: It comprises of two unbending cone-shaped containers and a barrel mounted on an inflexible metal edge. The lower openings of the containers are fitted with pivoted trapdoors having a speedy discharge gets. A roundabout metal plate is given to cover the highest point of the chamber. Provided finish with one plaster\'s trowel and one packing bar, 16mm Dia x 600mm long, the two closures adjusted.

KELLEY Ball Penetration Apparatus For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


KELLEY Ball Penetration Apparatus for Concrete Testing - The mechanical assembly is utilized to decide the workability of Portland cement and concrete. The Kelly ball test is much quicker than slump test. Double the Kelly ball reading roughly measures up to the slump. It comprises of a barrel with a ball molded base and handles, together measuring 15 kg. A strip outline manages the handle and fills in as a kind of perspective for measuring the profundity of the entrance. The handle is graduated in mm. The entrance can be recorded to the closest 0.5mm.

Pocket Concrete Penetrometer For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


Pocket Concrete Penetrometer for Concrete Testing - For a quick assessment of the underlying setting of cement. It can be utilized on lightweight concrete, exceptional rooftop deck mixtures, and concrete additives. specifications : Consists of a needle having face territory 3/10 sq. cm. furthermore, graduated at a distance of 25cm. The needles point is an inner part of a barrel which houses an aligned spring. The spring is bound in a sleeve. The protection offered by the solid mortar has appeared on the immediate perusing scale with a marker ring which holds its position when discharged. 2 Scale go is 0-50kg/cm2 when the entrance protection achieves a 2 estimation of 35kg/cm2 the solid is expected at first set. Provided finish in conveying case.

Mortar Penetrometer For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


It is used for finding out the rate of hardening of mortar sieved from concrete spring and a stem ranging from 0-70 kg x 1 kg. Six interchangeable penetration needles of areas 645, 323, 65 32 and 16mm sq. Is provided. The penetration resistance is measured by the force exerted to penetrate the mortar by 25mm and is indicated by a sliding ring on the stem, which is graduated. Needle shanks are marked at every 12.5mm. finished with a wooden carrying case.

Cone Penetrometer for Mortar For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


It is utilized for deciding the consistency of brickwork mortar Comprises of a movable bearing pole to which a cone 145mm.Long and 75mm dia at a base is fixed. The bearing rod passes simply through a bracket which is provided with the release mechanism. A dial graduated in mm with rack and pinion is provided for measuring the penetration. Complete with a conical container 150mm x 180mm deep and a platform.

Gauging Trowel For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


Gauging Trowel for Concrete Testing - Weight approximately 210 gms. Best quality with hardwood handle blade length 200mm.

Laboratory Concrete Mixer (Motorised) For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


Lab Concrete Mixer (Motorized) for Concrete Testing - A Concrete and mortar blender for light professionals and DIY utilize. Intended to give reliable service with low maintenance requirements. The compact storage size makes the Mixer a helpful item for DIY clients. Points of interest Light and successful the Mixer mixes a full hand truck stack sufficiently compact to be transported in the boot of car Supplied finish withstand Direct drive for expanded unwavering quality Full warm over-burden security CE agreeable, with NVR (No Volt Release) wellbeing power switch.