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Metal Testing Machines

Metal Testing Machines

Our Metal Testing Machines are designed to evaluate the composition of different metals precisely.

Torsion Testing Machine


We deliver a very created Torsion Testing Machine for performing different torsion and wind tests on metal poles and pads. Extraordinary highlights like torque cells, information obtaining framework, computerized pointer, high determination and equipped engine make the whole procedure of testing and estimating the torsion very simple and plausible. With a magnificent precision of ±1% in every one of the estimations, these machines are coordinated with a handle that permits leading the tests gradually to find modulus of unbending nature.



ATE/TTM/100 Nm

Max. torque capacity (Nm)


Torque Resolution (Nm)


Angle of twist (Degree)


Torsion speed and direction

1.5 RPM Reverse

Distance between grips (mm)


Grips for round bar of dia (mm)


Grips for flat bars thickness Width

2-8 25

3 Ph, 440V,50 Hz, AC Motor HP Approx



Best to complete torsion and wind tests on different metal poles and pads 

Torque cell are appended for torque estimation 

High determination 

Incorporated with designed engine for applying torque to the example 

Edge of wind is estimated by advanced pointer 

Estimations on LED show are given on information obtaining framework 

Precision of ± 1% in torque estimation 

Discretionary ACCESSORIES: 

Exceptional thorough programming for ascertaining 

Torque versus edge of bend diagram 

Torsional shear quality 

Modulus of unbending nature 


Protection industry 

Railroad industry 

Innovative work focuses 

Designing industry 

Development industry

Universal Testing Machine


Coordinated with bleeding edge innovation, Universal Testing Machine displays before the enterprises a conservative testing arrangement. This machine is equipped for testing shifted parameters like pressure quality, rigidity, extension and shear quality of various materials. It is relevant on a wide assortment of crude materials, for example, cowhide, elastic, plastics, texture, belts, wires, and so forth. 


Economical answer for deciding differed parameters of materials 

Can be connected on changed materials 

Microchip based controller 

Over-burden assurance 

Office of pinnacle hold 

Programmed stop on test break and auto alignment 


Elastic industry 

Cowhide industry 

Material industry 

Wire industry

Spring Testers


Our organization has gotten an insurgency the spring and wire framing industry with cutting edge Spring Testers. With this machine, we give forefront and non-ruinous testing answers for a few businesses. This is particularly created to help ventures ceaseless endeavors in assembling better item at a lower cost. The offered analyzers are utilized for geometrical review of 2D and 3D wire shaped parts. 


· Capacity: 100kg 

· Accuracy: 0.01kg 

· Least mean load: 0.1mm 

· Diameter of spring: max. 100 mm 

· Length of spring: max: 300 mm 


Pressure plate set for pressure springs 

Connection for the pressure springs 

Engine worked 

Worm decrease gearbox 

Engine, screw component and worm diminishment equip box guarantee smooth development 

Security from over movement 

Advanced show of load and diversion 


Spring and wire framing industry 

Car industry 

Plastic industry 

Military industry 

Aeronautic trade

Rockwell Hardness Tester


Rayexports make hardness analyzer's model HVR, HRS-150, HRB, HRB-250 and HVR are physically worked. These models are composed and created following quite a while of involvement in this field. Every one of the models are produced under strict quality control at all assembling stages. 

These models are reasonable for testing hardness of metals and combinations of various sorts, hard or delicate, regardless of whether level or round and so forth or of unpredictable shape. These Testers are straightforward in plan and simple to work, still yet very delicate and precise. Different Models from the wide range are accessible for Institutes, Quality Control Laboratories, Tool-Rooms, Heat Treatment Dept, R and D Laboratories, and so on.

Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester


We are a main maker of Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester. We offer an extensive variety of Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester. 


· Support ultrasonic test and Leeb affect gadget. Metallic surface, shield electromagnetic obstruction adequately, enhances instrument steadiness. 

· Display the present estimation esteem, collective estimation esteem, and Max, Min and Ave esteem. 

· Support remote Bluetooth print and information exchanging. 

· Save 1000 gatherings information. 

· Save 20 bunches alignment information without doing adjustment for a similar material again and again.

Technical specifications:

Measuring Range 

HV: 501599; HRC: 2068; HB: 76650?
HRB:41105; HLD:170960

Measuring Accuracy

HV:±3%HV; HRC:±1.5HRC; HB:±3%HB;HL: ±8HL


0.1HR, 1HV, 1HB, 1HLD,0.1HS

Result Display

Measurement value, Max, Min, Ave, single mode, batch mode, etc.

Data Storage

1000 group test results and 20 group calibration data

Data Transfer


Continuous Working Period

10h turn off the back light?

Operating Environment

Temperature: -10?~50?; Humidity: 30%~80%

Operating Voltage


Charge Mode





?500g probe not included?


Pencils for Pencil Hardness Tester


· The test is exceptionally easy to do, will give uniform outcomes, and is tried and true in light of the fact that the pencils are evaluated. The review of the pencil is controlled by the measure of heated graphite and mud in its organization. 

· Grading pencils arrive in a collection of both hard and delicate, and can be found in most workmanship or office supply stores. 

· The set I have comprises of twelve pencils, extending in hardness from 4H to 6B. The 'H' remains for hardness, the 'B' remains for darkness, and HB is for hard and dark pencils. The hardest is a 9H, trailed by 8H, 7H, 6H, 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, and H. F is the center of the hardness scale; at that point comes HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, 8B, and 9B, which is the mildest. Another evaluating technique utilizes numbers; the counterparts would be #1=B, #2=HB, #2-1/2=F, #3=H, and #4=2H. The most generally utilized written work pencil is the #2 (HB review), which is genuinely delicate, contains more graphite, and leaves a dull stamp. 

· To do your own pencil hardness testing, dependably begin with a dry, perfect, all around sanded bit of wood. 

· The pencil hardness test is just a single of numerous tests that are done to assess a covering's execution.

Pen Type Hardness Tester



· Self-contained (affect gadget d coordinated): no links. 

· Integrated effect heading sensor 

· Highly exact (±4hl) in any effect course (360°) – consequently. 

· Integrated show of results for all normal hardness scales. 

· Large, high differentiation LCD for ideal survey in all conditions. 

· Easy adjustment 

· Full USB correspondence with pc, programming included for nothing out of pocket. 

· Internal capacity of information with day and time 

· Intelligent rest mode

Technical Parameters:



Rechargeable li ion, charges through USB  port


Wireless (Bluetooth) mini printer

Operating environment

Temperature: -10~+60, Humidity: 20%~85%

Storage environment

Temperature: -30~+80, Humidity: 5%~95%


147 x 35 x 22 mm


100 g


Digital Portable Metal Hardness Tester


Effect estimate, simple activity, Wide estimating range in HLD, coordinate show of changed over hardness esteems in HB, HRB, HRC,HRA, HV, HS, High materialness, can be utilized for hardness testing of generally metals.

Technical Parameters:


Impact device

D integrated

Hardness scales



± 6HLD(760 30HLD)


99 average readings


RS232 to printer

Surface Roughness of Work piece

1.6µm (Ra)

Min. radius of Work piece (convex / concave)

min = 50mm(with support ring min= 10mm)

Min. Work piece weight

2~5kg on stable support 0.05~2kg with compact coupling

Min. Work piece thickness with coupling


Min. Thickness of hardened layers


Charging time


Continuous working time

60 h


Rechargeable Li-ion batteries

Operating temperature


Overall dimensions



180 g


Spring Testing Machine


Item Details This Spring Testing Machine is a story standing electro-mechanical physically operational testing machine. This machine is generally used to test a wide range of loop springs, plate springs, wave springs and spring-type components.The machine empower stack diversion trial of strain and pressure springs to be completed precisely and rapidly. This testing frameworks is intended to convey a reasonable answer for a wide assortment of spring testing prerequisites. Item Specifications Capacity : upto 50 tons Operation : Manual Mechanical lab types of gear makers. Spring Testing Machine Lab gear manufacturers,exporters and Spring Testing Machine Lab providers