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Soil Testing Machines

Soil Testing Machines

 Soil testing is actually very important for analyzing the soil pH, exchangeable acidity and humic matter. Soil testing apparatus are very helpful for experts and scientists who want to do some research work associated with soil. 

Plastic Limit Test For Testing Lab for Soil Testing Lab


Specification: The complete set consists of one each: 1. Glass plate 20cm x 15cm having round ends 2. Brass or stainless steel rod 3mm dia x 150mm long 3. Flexible spatula 15 cm 4. Set of 6 moisture containers 5. Porcelain basin 150mm dia 6. Plastic wash bottle 500ml Glass Plate size 500 x 500 x 10mm can be supplied at an extra cost.

Shrinkage Limit Set For Testing Lab for Soil Testing Lab


1. Porcelain evaporating dish 2. Shrinkage dish 3. Glass cup 4. Perspex plate with three metal prongs 5. Flexible spatula 100mm 6. Glass cylinder 7. 25ml x 1ml, supplied without mercury OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Mercury supplied in a bottle of 500 gms. at an extra cost

Linear Shrinkage Mould For Testing Lab for Soil Testing Lab


A simple mold which is filled with the soil under test for Soil Testing - This is then dried and the resulting decrease os length of the specimen measured is expressed as the linear shrinkage. It is 25mm Dia. x 12.5mm Height x 140mm Length

Soil Cone Penetrometer For Testing Lab for Soil Testing Lab


For determining the liquid limit of soil for Soil Testing -. This is especially useful to obtain reliable and accurate results of those soil which have low plasticity index. The percentage moisture contents determined when cone with half angle of 15-30 minutes under a total sliding weight of 148 gm penetrates 25mm gives the liquid limit.

Semi Automatic Cone Penetrometer For Testing Lab For Soil Testing Lab


This test is performed to determine the moisture content at which clay soils pass from a plastic to a liquid state. Two Version is available. One is the standard one & the other is semi-automatic with a timer where the cone is allowed to free fall for a time of 5 seconds including one each of 50 gm. & 100 gm. weight, one penetration cone, preset counter & measuring cup.

Liquid Limit Device For Testing Lab For Soil Testing Lab


Liquid Limit Device

    High Speed Stirrer For Testing Lab For Soil Testing Lab


    This apparatus is used for mechanical analysis and also for other laboratory applications for stirring Speed of round about 4000 R.P.M. under load. A dispersion cup is been supported on a rest on the stand of the stirrer and has a adjustable baffle. For operation on 230V A.C. supplied with dispersion cup or baffle cup.

    Grain Size Analysis Pipette Met For Testing Labhod for Soil Testing Lab


    This Apparatus is used for the determination of the sub-sieve particle distribution in a soil sample by mechanical analysis. This type of analysis is used to express quantity in the proportions by weight of the various sizes of particles present in the soil. It is recommended as a standard procedure to use dispersion agent to avoid flocculation. The apparatus consists of a sliding panel which moves up and down by means of a screw allowing Anderson pipette fixed to it to be raised or lowered vertically. A sedimentation tube is held by a laboratory clamp provided on the stand below the pipette. The depth of immersion is measured by a scale graduated in mm at the side of the sliding panel. Supplied complete with Anderson pipette 10ml. At the side capacity made from glass, and a sedimentation tube also of the glass of 500ml capacity and 50nos. Test form pads. ACCESSORIES & SPARES : 1) Sedimentation Pipette (Anderson pipette) 25ml. 2) Sedimentation tube 100ml 3) Sedimentation pipette 10ml 4) Sedimentation tube 500ml 5) Test forms pad of 50.

    Particle Size Sedimentation By Hydrometer Method For Testing Lab for Soil Testing Lab


    This test is also called Hydrometer method. This equipment is used to determine the quantitative size distribution of very fine particle in soils such as clay and silt. The complete set comprises 1. SEDIMENTATION CYLINDER, 1000 ml capacity (6 pieces) with rubber bungs. 2. SOIL HYDROMETER, 151H, range 0.995 to 1.038 g/ml with div. 0.001 3. GLASS TANK, dimensions: 600x300x380 mm 4. HEATER complete with thermostat, circulation unit. 230V Single Phase 50Hz 1000W 5. GLASS THERMOMETER, range 0 50° C., Sub-div. 0.5° C. 6. BEAKER, Borosilicate Glass, 250 ml capacity 7. Sodium Hexametaphosphate, 1000 g 8. HIGH-SPEED STIRRER, 4000 R.P.M, complete with baffle cup, for dispersing soil particles in water.

    Soil Hydrometer For Testing Lab for Soil Testing Lab


    This apparatus is Used for grain size analysis of soils where more than 10% of the material will pass through 75 microns B.S. sieve. Made from clear transparent glass having uniform clarity throughout the upper end on which density scale is engraved. The scale ranges from 0.995 to 1.030 0 density (gms./cc) at 27oC smallest division on the scale is 0.0005. NOTE: Hydrometer for other liquids also available