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Surveying Instruments

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Automatic Level For Testing Lab For Surveying Testing Lab


Automatic Level for Surveying Testing - Manufactured carefully utilizing International Standard. Firmly fixed development for use in any climate. Quick precise two-speed centering. Grinding braked pivot and perpetual flat drive. Optical sight for fast pointing. Metal roundabout air pocket. Fit all tripod with G5/8\" or M16 screw. Discretionary adornments : metal or wooden tripod, metal or wooden staff go shaft, measuring rope, plumb and so on..

Laser Distancemeter Lite For Testing Lab For Surveying Testing Lab


Laser Distancemeter Lite for Surveying Testing - Base Model for every single essential estimation. It is little, strong base model for current estimations. Solid, exact, exact and simple to-utilize.

Dumpy Levels For Testing Lab For Surveying Testing Lab


Dumpy Levels for Surveying Testing - Quick setting dumpy level with erect image, 20x magnification, in plastic carrying case. Length case. Length 225mm/175mm. Complete with wooden or aluminium folding tripod. Axis made up of aluminium & brass.

Vernier Theodolite For Testing Lab For Surveying Testing Lab


Vernier Theodolite for Surveying Testing - German example vernier theodolite minimum check 05/10/20 seconds according to client necessities with four moderate movement, erect picture, 22x magnification, coated lens, alongwith powder covered/anodized collapsing. Aluminum tripod finish in plastic/wooden conveying case. Optical plummet arrangement is provided for centring.

Electronic Total Station For Testing Lab For Surveying Testing Lab


Electronic Total Station for Surveying Testing - We have with us exactness designed scope of Electronic Total Station. These are altered according to the particulars of our customers and are planned and created as per different modern norms. This range is accessible with following embellishments: Battery charger Tool unit with case Plastic conveying case Silicon fabric

Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless) For Testing Lab For Surveying Testing Lab


Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless) for Surveying Testing - Reflectorless Total Stations include upgraded environmental durability, expanded estimation speed and extended usefulness. It offers an extended working temperature run with recently included high-temperature models. The low-temperature models are additionally accessible and a worked in temperature sensor enables all models to keep up ideal difference and perceivability of the LCD show automatically.It withstands the finest powder clean and additionally the hardest driving precipitation with an industry-driving IP66 insurance rating. The estimation run 400m (1,310ft.)..

Digital Theodolite For Testing Lab For Surveying Testing Lab


Advanced Theodolite for Surveying Testing - Digital theodolite is a cutting edge designing instrument for measuring bothhorizontal and vertical angles, It is a key device in surveying and building work. The theodolite comprises of a telescope versatile inside two opposite tomahawks the flat pivot, and the vertical hub. At the point when the telescope is pointed at a coveted protest, the edge of each of these tomahawks can be measured with incredible accuracy. Control Panel - Backlit 2 lines LCD Display and Alphanumeric console with single touch catch capacities. Length 157 mm Imaging Erect Objective Aperture 45 mm Magnification 30X Field of View 1°30\' Resolving Power 3\" Minimum Focus Distance 1.4 m Stadia Ratio 100 Stadia Constant 0 Angle Measurement Method Absolute Encoding Diameter of the Circle (Vhz) 79mm Minimum Reading 1\"/5\"/10\"/20\" (Selectable) Accuracy 2\" Detection Method Horizontal : Dual, Vertical : Dual Display Screen Type 2 sides, portion LCD in two lines Auto Vertical Compensator System Liquid-electric discovery/plate level Range +/ - 3\' Accuracy 1\" Optical Plummet Imaging Erect Magnification 3X Field of View 50 Focusing Range 0.5m ~ 8 Physical Characteristics Operation Environment - 20° ~ + 45° Power Supply 6V Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery and AA Battery Size (in mm) 165 x 318 x 157 mm Weight (in g) 4300 Rechargeable Batteries - Digital Theodolite is given with1X Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries Water and Dust Proof.