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About Us

Welcome to Ray Export

Ray Export started over 40 years ago as a manufacturing company serving the science education marketplace. Over that time we have grown into an MNC serving 62 countries and hundreds of distributors.

Our mission is to deliver quality products on time so that students throughout the world can learn science through DIY methodology.

We manufacture over 5,000 products for the Heat transfer Lab Equipments in India,Thermodynamics Lab Equipments, Automobile Engineering Lab Equipments in India . Our core product lines include:

  • Physics – We have the apparatus and experiments you need to study Physics with hand on the application with a detailed Instruction manual.
  • Chemistry & Lab Supplies – We manufacture beakers, burners, tongs, and anything made of glass, plastic, metal, ceramic or cork and everything a Chemist needs.
  • Biology – We provide everything a biology classroom including slides and specimens.
  • Glassware – We manufacture every piece of Lab Glassware made from borosilicate 3.3 glass.