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Ray Export is uniquely aligned to serve the needs of vocational technical schools, Polytechnics, and Universities around the world. Technology Education is vital to economic development and often determines the reach of a country’s upward mobility. Ray Export design trainers that teach students skills relevant to supporting the development of technology for industrial and consumer use and  in this way educations can make students familiar with the real application of technology. We offer complete solutions for equipping technology workshops and laboratories in each of our product areas including provision of trainers, training systems from our associates, educational aids, models, support tools and testing equipment.

We are the Manufacturers & Exporters of Workshop Laboratory Products & supplies, Scientific Workshop Instruments, Medical & Hospital Equipment & Supplies, Educational Scientific Equipments, Science Education Workshop Kits & Workshop Experiments setup Supplier. Preferred Supplier for Educational Scientific Equipments for Schools Workshop Labs, Colleges Workshop Labs, University & Research Workshop Labs. Participating in Global Tenders and Ministry of Education Workshop Labs Tenders

Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments,Civil Engineering Lab Equipments - Electronic Trainer Kits and Electrical Lab Products manufacturers and exporters, India including products like Engineering and College Electronic Trainers and Modules for Vocational and Technical Teaching & Training.

Engineering Laboratory Machines and Equipments like Bernoullis Apparatus, Impact of Jet of Vanes Apparatus, Rotameter Apparatus, Hydraulic Benches, Adsorption in Packed Bed, Universal Vibration Apparatus etc.

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