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Accessories For Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus

Accessories For Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus Lab Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

Catalogue No : TLC-0003

Embellishments for Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus 

Embellishment 1 

Chromatography Cabinet : To present the hypothesis and standards of climbing, slipping and turn around stage paper chromatography. This is made of wood with glass on every one of the four sides and on top interior surface is wax covered for dissolvable opposition. Pivoted top furnished with elastic gasket for impenetrable shutting and window with water/air proof entryway. In bring down bit substantial castors are accommodated simple development. Completed in normal shading nitrocellulose lacqure. Provided as standard gear are two treated steel troughs and six glass pole. For obliging 4 channel papers of 45 x 57 cm. 

Adornment 2 

Unique Drying Cabinet Electrical : With examination window, takes two drying racks for T.L.C. Plates upto 20 x 20 cm. The drying bureau is appropriate for initiating T.L.C. bearer plates for drying of created T.L.C. Plates and additionally to heat T.L.C. Plates splashed with recognizing reagents. The shading response can be seen through the review window. Temperature go encompassing temp to 250°C. S.S. Inward Chamber 

Extra 3 

Dessicator Cabinet : This is utilized for putting away plates of T.L.C. what's more, for general research facility work. Made of thick sheet, with forceful glass entryway fixed with elastic gasket. A plate for silica gel dessicant and punctured rack are given. Internal Dimensions: Size 30 cm. x 50 cm. x 35 cm. 

Adornment 4 

T.L.C. Ace Sheet : For coordinate perusing of RF esteems. 

Adornment 5 

T.L.C. Plate Storage Cabinet : Made of wood with MICA on all sides. For transport and capacity of covered plates, fixed against air dampness. Reasonable for 24 plates of size 20 x 20 cm. Measure 38 x 23 x 20 cm 

Embellishment 6 

Depleting Rack: For holding washed plates in precise position with the goal that the water can drop of over the sides of wet plates previously covering. 

Embellishment 7 

Save Brass Applicator 

Embellishment 8 

Save Aluminum Applicator 

Embellishment 9 

Spotting Template: Made of Perspex. 

Embellishment 10 

Plate Rack, Made of anodized aluminum to take ten plates. 

Embellishment 11 

Plate Rack, Made of Stainless Steel to take two plates of 20x20 cm. vertically to develop. 

Frill 12 

Glass Plates: All Sides Ground. Measure 20X20 Cm. 

Frill 13 

Glass Plates: All Sides Ground. Measure 20X10 Cm. 

Frill 14 

Glass Plates: All Sides Ground. Measure 20X5 Cm. 

Frill 15 

Chromatography Tank with Cover. Measure 20 X 5 Cm. 

Frill 16 

Chromatography Tank with Cover. Measure 20 X 10 Cm. 

Embellishment 17 

Chromatography Tank with Cover. Measure 20 X 20 Cm. 

Embellishment 18 

Glass Sprayer with Rubber Bellow. 

Embellishment 19 

Perspex Base of 114 X 23 Cm : To Support Glass Plate.

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