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Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus, Brass

Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus, Brass Lab Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

Catalogue No : TLC-0001

To Introduce the standards of ingestion chromatography utilizing the thin layer technique.This system is having moveable tool with inbuilt thickness course of action between 0 to 2 mm (Minimum Div. 0.25 mm). It additionally comprises of the accompanying segments. a) Spreader (Applicator) made of electroplated BRASS. b) Perspex base of 114 x 23 cm. to help glass plates. c) Plate rack aluminum, anodised, for ten 20 x 20 cm. or on the other hand 20 x 10 cm. plates. d) Developing tank with top. e) Spotting layout made of perspex. f) T.L.C. Plates set of five 20 x 20 cm. also, two 20 x 5 cm. or on the other hand set of ten 20 x 10 cm. what's more, two 20 x 5 cm. g) Glass sprayer with elastic howl, Cap. 100 ml. h) Micro-pipette. I) Scriber for stamping lines made of tempered steel. j) Instruction Manual.

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