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Rock Testing Machines

Rock Testing Machines

Controls is specialized in rock mechanics testing equipment.

Core Cutting & Drilling Machines (Diesel Engine Driven) for Rock Testing Lab


Dimension approx, areas under Height : 1300 mm Base: 600 x 1200 mm Head travel on the rack : 350mm Drill speeds: 900 R.P.M. for soft samples and 350 R.P.M. for hard Samples Water swivel: Built in the machines. ACCESSORIES: (1) Thin wall diamond bits. (2) Core barrel

Core Cutting & Drilling Machine (Motorised)For Testing Lab for Rock Testing Lab


Rated Voltage: ~220 V / 50Hz Power Input: 2800W No-Load Speed: 840rpm Max. bit diameter: ?50mm/100mm/150mm Shaft Male: 1 1/4\"UNC Features : 1. Compact size with lightweight as well as safety in operation 2. The drills are equipped with a friction clutch as well as overload current protection for protecting motor 3. High-strength gear to keep the drill working long hours constantly 4. Excellent speed, smooth and stability during drilling 5. Out setting water swivel seal to facilitate making the replacement when the seal has worn out 6. Bits capacity: 25mm Dia - 150mm Dia.

Rock & Concrete Cutting Machine For Testing Lab for Rock Testing Lab


Rock & Concrete Cutting Machine for Rock Lab Testing - Electrically operated with the cooling system. Put simply, the stone or tile you cut must fit perfectly, just as the machine and the blade you use must fit your work situation perfectly. Universal table saw with a unique super-stable height adjustment device, lockable in any position. max. cutting depth in the top position is 230 mm, by turning the material over.

Asphalt & Concrete Floor Saw For Testing Lab for Rock Testing Lab


Asphalt & Concrete Floor Saw for Rock Lab Testing - Driven by the electrical motor or by an engine as per customers requirement. Diamond bit of 100 mm to 600 mm maximum can be supplied as per requirement. The trolley in which the engine is fitted is supplied with cooling arrangements with the help of a water tank. Arrangements to control the depth is also provided. A safety guard is also provided on the diamond blade. Two wheels are provided for easy movability of the machine.

Core Cutting Grinding Machine For Testing Lab For Rock Testing Lab


Core Cutting Grinding Machine for Rock Lab Testing - This unit is designed for cutting and grinding cylindrical rock specimens up to  N X  size. The outfit includes 200 mm  diamond impregnated cutter, a fine diamond impregnated grinding wheel a water supply system and sampler holder. A V-Vice, to hold the sample up to 55 mm x 140 mm long to be cut parallel and square to the longitudinal axis is provided.

Polishing & Lapping Machine For Testing Lab For Rock Testing Lab


This apparatus comes with a 1 HP Single Phase, A.C. motor This bench is rested on a single spindle lapping machine , Ideally suited jar for the final polishing of mounted rock or concrete specimens. Two sample holders of same size for ordered are provided with every machine as standard supply Sample holders of another size can also be provided on request. This is a motor driven unit with 450/500 rpm. A swing-in tap, for continuous water supply during operation, is also provided. This unit is operated on Single Phase. 230 V A.C. motor. Compact table model. 20 cm top diameter and Adapter to hold the polishing cloth or paste. Sample Holders to accommodate up to NX size Cores. Continuous water feed arrangement during operation. Also Available: Sample Holder for Ex size Sample Holder for Ax size Sample Holder for 38 mm size Specimen Holder for Bx size Sample Holder for Nx size. 

Point Load Index Tester For Testing Lab For Rock Testing Lab


It is a stone testing device utilized for finding the Diametrical Point Load Strength Index of rock cores and Irregular Lumps which might be tried with no further treatment. . This instrument is principally expected for field estimations on rocks specimens

Brazilian Test Apparatus For Testing Lab For Rock Testing Lab


The instrument is used for the testing of samples ranging from 50mm dia to 100mm and of the thickness of half the diameter. This is to test for indirect way for calculating tensile strength of rocks. The specimen is held in circular jaws, this is some what similar to a compression machine and comprises of a small load frame having sturdy base

Rock Bolt Pull Out Test Apparatus For Testing Lab For Rock Testing Lab


The test is performed to measure the working and ultimate strength of rock bolt anchors.In general the pull out force is indicated on the load gauge, however a load cell with digital indicator can be used to measure the pull out load.  The system consist of a central hole jack, hand pump with a load gauge, a directional control valve , flexible hose pipe of 5 meters, truss is made up  of high tensile bolts with coupling.