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Biological Safety Cabinet

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Catalogue No : ASS-0008

Bio Safety Cabinets The cupboards are created out of thick board appropriately sun mica clad. Inside surfaces are epoxy painted for its more extended life. The worktable is comprise of overwhelming measure S.S. sheet and is fitted with U.V Germicidal Light, static weight manometer, deplete System (reasonable for 6 feet channel) and infection wear out unit. Side boards are made out of thick straightforward Plexiglas appropriately surrounded. The unit is joined with pre channel and HEPA Filter. Air is drawn through pre channel and is made to go through exceedingly powerful HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) channels having effectiveness holding all air-borne particles of size 0.3 micron and bigger. The tallness of the working table gives an agreeable "Take a seat" working position for the administrator. The blower and engine get together is statically and progressively adjusted by utilizing of a dynamic adjusting machine. Engine of 1/4 H.P. limit works with least commotion level. The working region is enlightened by fluorescent lighting fitted to the unit.

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