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Other Engineering Lab Trainers

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Flamephoto Meters


imple and Easy to Operate Narrow Band Interference Filters Dual Channel Display Na and K at Single Aspiration Flame Photometer Unit No. of Filters Na and K (Ca and Li discretionary) Na and K (Ca and Li discretionary) Range Na: 0-100 ppm Ca: 20-100 ppm K : 0-100 ppm Li: 10-100 ppm Na: 0-200 meq/l Ca: 0-2 meq/l K : 0-100 meq/l Li: 0-10 meq/l Sensitvity Na: 5 ppm Ca: 10 ppm K : 5 ppm Li: 10 ppm Na: 5 pmm Ca: 10 ppm K : 5 pmm Li: 10 ppm Display 2 1/2 digit splendid LED Display Dual 2 1/2 digit brilliant LED Display Accuracy + 2% upto 40 ppm + 5% over 40 ppm + 2% upto 100 meq/l + 5% over 100 meq/l Repeatability + 2 Count + 2 Count Detector Silicon Photodiode Silicon Photodiode Filters Narrow band impedance glass channels Narrow band obstruction glass channels Nebulizer Black bakelite, pivotal stream compose Black bakelite, hub stream write Flame System LPG and dry oil free air LPG and dry oil free air Warmup time 10 minutes 10 minutes Power 230V + 10% AC 50 Hz 230V + 10% AC 50 Hz Size (LxBxH) 355 x 250 x 210 mm 455 x 250 x 210 mm Weight 6.5 kg (Approx.) 7.5 kg (Approx.) Compressor Unit Air Supply By Oil free smaller than expected compressor unit with weight consistent Combustion LPG controlled by exactness controller Power 230V +10% AC 50 Hz Size (LxBxH) 275 x 192 x 240 mm Weight 9 Kg (Approx.) Accessories Instrument with Na and K Filters, Instruction Manual, Dustcover, Chimney, Air Tubing.

E/m By Short Solenoid Method (Magnatron Method)


Objective:- To think about charge of an elctron utilizing Thomson Method. Highlights:- High Voltage Power Supply with one Meter Provided to gauge the Deflection Voltage.Complete with intensity,Focus and Deflection controls. It is given frill, for example, compass box,set of ELICO magnets,Teak wood remain with CRT mounted,Teak wood U remain with scale on the two hypotheses for setting magnets.

Electrical Resistance Tester


Electrical Resistance Tester& The electric opposition of protective caps is estimated by applying a high voltage between a cathode put in salt arrangement kept inside the head protector and another anode put in a salt arrangement shower in which the cap is put in transformed position. The voltage is gradually expanded to the predetermined esteem and the present going between the two cathodes estimated for assessing the electrical opposition of the protective cap under test. The Electric Resistance Tester for caps comprises of a plastic holder with an acrylic outline set in its middle for holding the protective cap under test on. The two terminals are held in appropriate cinches, one situated inside the protective cap and the other in the shower. A high voltage source is furnished with the gear for providing the test voltage. It comprises of a variac, a stage up transformer, a computerized voltmeter, and an advanced mili-ammeter with a pre-settable stumbling streams. and All the parts utilized as a part of the analyzer are produced using materials that don't get influenced by salt arrangement utilized for directing the test. common lab types of gear makers. Electrical Resistance Tester Lab hardware manufacturers,exporters and Electrical Resistance Tester Lab providers

3 Phase Induction Motor


This is an AC 3 acceptance engine. This works on 415V AC. This squirrel confine acceptance engine coupled to a 2KW shunt generator. ; Specifications: Volts: 415V - 3¢ Power: 2.2KW Current : 4.8A RPM: 1440 Frame: PM100.

Desauty Bridge


It is a basic type of scaffold giving most extreme precision while looking at capacitance in term of opposition. Three decade dials x10, x100 and 1000 ohms from one arm. The other arm has additionally decade dials x10, x100 and 1000 ohms. An exceptional morse enter is fitted in the focal point of the two arms interfacing the battery and the galvanometer. The association are engraved on the board which is fitted to a teak wood finished case. Every one of the curls are aligned on Imported Testing Bridge. Exactness ± 0.5 to 1%. De-sauty Bridge's It is a straightforward type of scaffold giving most extreme precision while looking at capacitance in term of obstruction. Three decade dials x10, x100 and 1000 ohms from one arm. The other arm has additionally decade dials x10, x100 and 1000 ohms. An extraordinary Morse enter is fitted in the focal point of the two arms associating the battery and the galvanometer. The association is engraved on the board which is fitted to a teak wood finished case. Every one of the curls are aligned on Imported Testing Bridge. Precision ± 0.5 to 1%.

Water & Soil Analysis Kit


3 1/2 digit LCD Display Mains cum Battery worked Measures pH, mV, Conductivity TDS, DO, Temperature and Turbidity Housed in VIP Briefcase pH Range 0 to 14pH 0 to 14pH 0 to 14pH Temp. Comp. 0oC (Manual) 0oC (Manual) 0oC (Manual) Resolution 0.01pH Accuracy +0.01 pH +0.01 pH +0.01 pH O.R.P./mV Range N.A. 0 to + 1999 mV 0 to + 1999 mV Resolution 0.01pH N.A. 1 mV Accuracy N.A. + 1 mV + 1 digit + 1 mV + 1 digit Conductivity Range 1 5 Cell Constant 0.4 - 1.5 Adj 0.4 - 1.5 Adj 0.4 - 1.5 Adj Resolution 0.1 Micro mhos 0.1 Micro mhos 0.1 Micro mhos Accuracy + 0.5% FS + 0.5% FS + 0.5% FS Temperature Range 0o - 100oC 0o - 100oC 0o - 100oC Resolution 0.1oC Accuracy +0.1oC + digit +0.1oC + digit +0.1oC + digit T.D.S. Range 1 5 Cell Constant 0.4 - 1.5 Adj 0.4 - 1.5 Adj 0.4 - 1.5 Adj Resolution 0.1ppm Accuracy +5% FSD +5% FSD +5% FSD D.O. Range 0-20 ppm 0-20 ppm N.A. Temp. Comp. 0.1 ppm 0.1 ppm N.A. Determination +0.3 ppm +0.3 ppm N.A. Precision 5o to 50o (Manual) 5o to 50o (Manual) N.A. Turbidity Range 0-1000 NTU/JTU N.A. N.A. Determination 1 NTU/JTU N.A. N.A. Show Selenium Photocell 3 1/2 digit LCD show Power Suppy 6.8v, 300mA 1.5V x 6 Dry Cells or 230V + 10% 50 Hz Accessories 230v + 10% and In-manufactured Battery pH Combination Electrode, Conductivity/TDS Cell, DO Probe, Temp Probe, Standard Solution, D.O. Memberanes, Cell Container and Instruction Manual.

Energy Band Gap For Semi Conductor Diode


Objective: to plot turn around immersion current versus temperature in invert bioased pn intersection diode. Highlights: instrument contains DC directed power supply 0-20CDC/150ma two round meters for voltage & current estimation, one PN intersection diode (GE write) is kept in broiler, associations of provisions, meters & diode brought out at 4mm attachments. Likewise furnished with broiler wih temperature control handle..

Smart Card Trainer Board


Highlights ·; Contactless transmission of information and supply vitality (no battery required). ·; Operating separation : Up to 100mm (contingent upon radio wire geometry). ·; Operating recurrence : 13.56 MHz ·; Fast information exchange : 106 kbit/s ·; High information respectability : 16 Bit CRC, equality, bit coding, bit checking. ·; True anticollision ·; Typical ticketing exchange: <100 ms (counting reinforcement administration). EEPROM ·; 1 Kbyte, sorted out in 16 areas with 4 squares of 16 bytes every (one piece comprises of 16 byte). ·; User quantifiable access conditions for every memory piece. ·; Data maintenance of 10 years ·; Write continuance 100.000 cycles SECURITY ·; Mutual three pass confirmation (ISO/IEC DIS9798-2). ·; Data encryption on RF-channel with replay connect assurance. ·; Individual arrangement of two keys per division (per application) to help multi-application with key progression. ·; Unique serial number for every gadget. ·; Transport key secures access to EEPROM on chip conveyance. ·; Read Block ·; Write Block ·; Document : Decrements the substance of square and stores the outcome in impermanent inside information enroll. ·; Increment : Increments the substance of piece and stores the outcome in information enlist. ·; Restore : Move the substance of square into the information enroll. ·; Transfer : Writes the substance of the transitory inward information enlist to an esteem square. INTERFACING MODULES ·; Electric Lock entryway with Software in VB and preparing. ·; Attendance System and so forth..

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor


Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 1. External burden made up of High review cast press outline. 2. High review silicon stamping Stator with using pressurized water squeezed. 3. Progressively adjust bites the dust threw Rotor of High review Aluminum utilized. 4. Bigger size of orientation for longer life and inconvenience free activities. 5. Vacuum weight impregnation for stator - guaranteeing high protection quality. 6. Every one of the terminals on terminals Box are legitimately engraved. 7. Brake drum pulley are Dynamically Balanced. 8. Solid base casing with substantial obligation rush with CP handle and furthermore very exact dial write ;spring parity to give appropriate readings of the machines. 9. Appraisals: For 3ph, 415Volts, 50Hz. ;0.5H.P to 15HP.10. ;Evaluations: for 1ph 220V, 50Hz. ; capacitor Start/Run Motor 0.5H.P to 2 HP..

Electrical Machine Trainers


Electrical Machine Trainers Backed by rich mechanical experience, we have possessed the capacity to think of preeminent quality Electrical Machine Trainers. These items are broadly known in the market for its solidness and reduced plan. Created with most recent innovation and finest crude material, these items are in consistence with the characterized parameters of the business. Aside from this, we endeavor to give finish confirmation over the offered item. Highlights: High proficiency Corrosion-opposition Low upkeep Highly sturdy Easy-establishment .