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Antenna and Satellite Trainers

Antenna and Satellite Trainers

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Antenna Trainer For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


The Microwave Test Benches are exactness made microwave frameworks, which utilize standard compose rectangular wave-control segments to delineate the fundamental components of this field for think about. The hardware comprise of : A choice of wave-manage parts The power supply for the microwave source A finder A meter, which screens the indicator yield Wall Chart Microwave Components Chart These Training Benches are totally independent and give the way to enable understudies to do useful work at to a great degree ease. A far reaching manual containing broad microwave hypothesis and a dynamic arrangement of assignments is provided with the Trainer..

Motorised Antenna Unit For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


Motorised Antenna Unit, Motorised Antenna Unit Antenna Trainer. Antenna training kit have a Microconroller based high precision DC stepper motor, automatic zero point setting.

Antenna Trainer System For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


 All the antennas are made by high conducting rods with chrome finish for long durability and mounted on the glass epoxy PCB for easy mounting and dismounting Areas of Experimentation and Study

  • Polar plot & Polarization of various antennas.
  • Wave modulation and Demodulation
  • Antenna Gain
  • Antenna Beam Width.
  • Element Current study.
  • Front Back Ratio study.
  • Antenna matching.
  • SWR measurement.
  • Antenna radiation with distance.
  • Antenna bandwidth measurement
    • Self contained, simple and student friendly trainer
    • Hands on set-up for measuring and plotting radiation patterns of different Antennas
    • Built in RF & Modulation generators
    • Built in frequency display
    • Antenna Matching Stub
    • Characteristics and SWR measurement
    • Transmitting and Receiving levels observed on meters
    • Built in DC power supply
    • Fully documented, Operating manual and polar charts (2 types) with each trainer
    • “Antenna kit” for fabricating special antenna
    • Compact design
    • Light weight

Microstrip Antenna For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


Equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training - 

    PLL Synthesized Transmitter & Receiver
    100 Memories
    Alpha Numeric LCD Display With Backlit
    Experiments on Microstrip/ Patch and other types of Antennas

Wave And Propagation Trainer For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


Propagation Trainer is a useful training system for the Laboratories. It helps student to learn Wave Properties and Propagation results. Concepts of Reflection, Refraction, Polarization, Interference, Standing waves, Interferometer can be understood very easily. The setup is mainly consists of Microwave Transmitter, Microwave Receiver, Goniometer scale. Alongwith this setup lot of accessories are provided to perform different experiments. A user friendly manual is provided with this system to help student in performing the experiments and to understand the topic theoretically.. 

Gunn Power Supply For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


Gunn Power Supply is a Microcontroller based Equipment with LCD. An essential element of this instrument is the concurrent show of Voltage and Current which is the fundamental and vital prerequisite of V-I Characteristics analyze. Here various Modulation Modes are single switch selectable with show on LCD. For PC to PC Data Communication Experiment a Software is furnished with this instrument.

SWR Meter For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


Microcontroller based Equipment with LCD. The Analog meters have different scales which makes the instrument extremely convoluted for the understudies. The Digital of SWR and dB takes care of the issue. Since the Equipment have Microcontroller based advanced show so there is no need of extended scales, as it was in customary instruments..

Microwave Test Benches For Vocational Training And Didactic Labss


Microwave Test Benches are precision made microwave systems, which use standard type rectangular wave-guide components to illustrate the essential elements of this field for study. The equipment consist of :

  • A selection of wave-guide components
  •  The power supply for the microwave source
  •  A detector . A meter, which monitors the detector output 
  • A Demo Video CD . Audio Communication 
  • Provided with PC to PC communication in Gunn based Benches 
  • Wall Chart

Satellite Communication Trainer For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs

  • Simultaneous communication of three different signals
  • Communicate Audio, Video, Digital data, PC data, Tone, Voice, function generator waveforms etc
  • 2414 - 2468MHz PLL microwave operation
  • Communication of external broad band digital signal
  • Choice of different transmitting and receiving frequencies
  • Built-in Speaker and Microphone for Voice and Audio link
  • Remote detection of Light intensity and environment temperature
  • Detachable Dish Antenna at each station
  • USB port for PC communication

Radar Training System, Radar Trainers And Radar Antenna Demo Systems


Doppler Radar Training System, Radar Training System - Digital Radar Training System has been designed with simulated experiments on hardware interfaced with software on PC. Experimenting with the trainer include different types of fixed and moving objects, object counters, analysis of signals on CRO or Windows based software, test points etc.