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Electric Motors

Electric Motors

Electric Motors - Ray export  Electric Motors are leading manufactures of Educational Laboratory Electric motors and varied range of Training Electric motors systems including, A.C Motors, D.C Motor, Gear Motors, Gear Boxes and DC Shunt Machines for Electrical Lab for use in educational and research labs.

DC Machine With Loading Arrangement For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


Hardware for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training - This is a DC engine . The pole of this engine is coupled mechanically to a break drum. A belt moving over this break drum gives important torque to the pole of the engine, and thusly stacks the pole with a limited torque. Two aligned spring adjusts are associated with either side of the belt, which is moving over the break drum. This is a strategy to stack the pole of the engine with a stacking game plan. By taking perusing on these spring balance readings, the stacking worth might be figured..