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Microwave Lab Trainers

Microwave Lab Trainers

We are exporters of user-friendly Microwave Lab Trainers designed for engineering and technical students & teachers for insightful learning, complete technical support and practical coverage of the electronic fundamentals.

Reflex Klystron Bench


The Reflex Klystron uses speed tweak to change over general electron bar vitality into microwave power.Different attributes of reflex klystron can be resolved utilizing the entire related bundle for reflex klystron tests. 

Determinations AND ACCESSORIES: 

Klystron Power Supply(carrier wave and square wave mode) ,Klystron tube,Klystron mount,VSWR Meter Solid State,Isolator, Frequency

GUNN Diode


The Gunn Oscillator utilizes the negative differential conductivity impact in 

semiconductors having two conduction groups isolated by a vitality gap.GUNN diode is set inside GUNN Oscillator.Using the seat gave by our organization ,one can without much of a stretch measure the V-I qualities of GUNN Diode. 

Details and Accessories: 

Gunn Power Supply ,VSWR Meter Solid State,Gunn oscillator,BNC to BNC Cable.Pin Modulator,S.S. Tuner,Isolator,Frequency meter,Variable attenuator,Tunable probe,Slotted section,Diode Detector.

40 Pin Universal Programmer


Highlights ·; 40 Pin DIP ZIF attachment ·; Printer Port Interfaces, parallel correspondence, utilizes address 278H,378H, 3BCH ·; Easy interface to LAPTOP, PC, PS/2 or compatibles. ·; Mouse bolster, easy to use menu driven programming interface. ·; High speed programming, Cost viable Hardware and Flexible Software. ·; Tests standard rationale and SRAM gadgets ·; Supports DOS and Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/9x. ·; Free programming refresh from web. Particular ·; AC connector : Input 100V-240V AC, Output 12VDC/2Amp. ·; Dimension : 200(L)x140(W)x24(H)mm DEVICE SUPPORT Supports in excess of 3450 gadgets, including : ·; Most E(E)PROM, Series E(E)PROM. Streak. ·; GAL, EP3xx/6xx/9xx, PEEL, PALCE, TIBPAL, PLUS, PLS, PLH, PLC, ATV, ATF, CPL, 85Cxxx, 5Cxxx, DS12xx. ·; Microcontrollers 87xx/89xx/Z86Exx/TMS320xxx/D77Pxx/D75Pxx/D78Pxx/PD75xxx/HD6370xxx/PIC16Cxx/17Cxx, COP87xx, and PSD3XX. ·; TTL TESTER : 74 SERIES ·; CMOS TESTER : 40/45 SERIES ·; MEMORY TESTER : 2K/8K/32K STATIC RAM HARDWARE & ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS ·; Device attachment : One 40 stick ZIF attachment. ·; Programmer measurements: 7 3/4" L x 5 1/2" W x 3/4" H. ·; Power supply : Input AC 100 to 240V , Output : DC 12V/1.5Amp..

Full Microwave Bench (Dielectric and E-plane also available)


This completely stacked microwave seat can be utilized to settle both instructive and research purposes.Using this seat directional coupler attributes can be obtained.Frequency and wavelength of rectangular waveguide with various modes and voltage standing wave proportion and reflection coefficient of a waveguide can be measured.Various qualities and dissipating grid of Magic Tee can be obtained.One can without much of a stretch discover obscure Impedance of the waveguide moreover. 

Particulars and related Accessories: 

Klystron Power Supply,Gunn Power Supply,Klystron tube,VSWR Meter Solid State,Fixed Short Gunn oscillator,BNC Cable,Magic tee,Diode Detector,Frequency meter ,Isolator,Klystron mount,Movable short Pick up horn,Pin Modulator,S.S. Tuner,Slotted area alongwith test carriage,Tripod stand,Tunable probe,Variable attenuator.Pyramidal Horn,Pick Up Horn,Dielectric Horn,Slotted W/G Horn,Sectorial Horns,Parabolic Dish can likewise be provided.Test seats to quantify dielectric and E-plane are additionally accessible.