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Heat Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer Lab - Heat Transfer Demonstration Lab Exporters. Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory Equipments for Education. Ray Export Manufacturer of a large vary of products that embrace cross flow device equipment, heat transfer through lagged pipe equipment, heat pipe demonstrator, thermal conductivity of insulating powder, metal rod thermal conductivity apparatus and liquids thermal conductivity equipment. Ray Export are leading in the Heat Transfer Lab, Heat Transfer Lab Engineering Laboratory Equipment, Heat Transfer Lab Manufacturer, Heat Transfer Lab India, Heat Transfer Lab Exporter, Engineering Lab Equipments, Heat Transfer Lab Suppliers India, Heat Transfer Lab Equipment, Heat Transfer Apparatus.

Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall For Engineering Schools

  •   To determine total thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of composite wall.
  •   To plot temperature gradient along composite wall. 

Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe For Engineering Schools


To gauge the real rate of warmth exchange through the composite chambers from the deliberate interface temperature of the two protecting materials with known warm conductivities.ø To decide the successful warm conductivity of the composite cylinder.ø To look at the hypothetical temperature profile inside the composite barrels, with that of watched profile

Heat Pipe Demonstrator For Engineering Schools

  • To demonstrate the super thermal conductivity of Heat Pipe and to compare its working with best conductor i.e. Copper pipe & Stainless steel pipe as same material of construction.
  • To plot the temperature v/s time response of pipes.
  • To plot the temperature distribution along the length of pipes

Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Powder for engineering schools

  • Determination of thermal conductivity of insulating powder
  • Comparison of thermal Conductivity of insulating powder at different temperatures

Emissivity Measurement Apparatus for engineering schools


Experimentation:Determination of the Emissivity of a test plate and to Study the variation of emissivity of test plate with absolute temperature.

Stefan Boltzman Apparatus For Engineering Schools


  • For Determination of Stefan Boltzmann constant and study the effect of hemisphere temperature on it.

Heat Transfer in Natural Convection for engineering schools

  • To determine average heat transfer coefficient under natural convection

Heat Transfer In Forced Convection For Engineering Schools


  • To determine average surface heat transfer coefficient for a pipe by forced convection.
  • Comparison of heat transfer coefficient for different airflow rates and heat flow rates.
  • To plot surface temperature distribution along the length of pipe.

Parrallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger for engineering schools

  • To calculate the following parameters both ftor parallel and Counter flow arrangement: Rate of Heat Transfer, LMTD, Overall heat transfer co-efficient.
  • To compare the performance of Parallel and Counter flow heat exchanger.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for engineering schools


The main object of the experimental setup is to study the following at various flow rates:

  • LMTD
  • Heat transfer rate
  • Overall Heat Transfer Co-efficient