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It is a technology and applied science using engineering, chemistry, and other sciences involving the mechanical properties and use of liquids. Hydraulic engineering as a sub-discipline of applied science worries with the flow and conveyance of fluids, primarily water and biodegradable pollution. One feature of those systems is that the intensive use of gravity because the driver to cause the movement of the fluids. This space of applied science is intimately associated with the look of bridges, dams, channels, canals, and levees, and to each healthful and environmental engineering. Ray Export are leading in the Hydraulics Engineering Equipments, Hydraulics, Physics Lab For Engineering Students, Hydraulics Manufacturer, Hydraulics Engineering, Hydraulic Equipment, Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory Equipment, Hydraulics Lab Equipments, Hydraulics Supplier.

Hydraulic Bench for engineering schools


  • Top Tray: Size 1000 x 700 x 100 mm (approx)
  • Water Circulation: 1 HP Pump, Crompton/ Kirloskar make.
  • Flow Measurement: Using Measuring Tank, Capacity 40 Ltrs.
  • Sump Tank: Capacity 100 Ltrs.
  • Stop Watch: Electronic.
  • Control Panel Comprises of Standard make On/Off Switch, Mains Indicator, etc
  • Instruction Manual: An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along with the Apparatus
  • Tanks and Top Tray will be made of Stainless Steel
  • The whole set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted structure

Bernoullis apparatus for engineering schools


  • Electric supply: 0.5 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase
  • Inlet Tank Capacity: 20 Ltrs. MOC SS
  • Supply Tank Capacity: 85 Ltrs. MOC SS
  • Measuring Tank Capacity: 40 Ltrs. MOC SS fitted with Piezometer Tube & scale
  • Piezometer Tubes: Material P.U. Tubes (9 Nos.)

Flow Through Orifice And Mouthpiece for engineering schools


  • Set of Orifices: Material Acrylic (2 Nos.) Dia. 10mm and 15 mm
  • Set of Mouthpieces: Material Acrylic (3 Nos.) Dia 10 mm (L/D = 2.5), Dia 10 mm (L/D = 4), Dia 10 mm (L/D = 1)
  • Hook/Pointer Gauge: To measure X-Y coordinates of Jet.
  • Water Tank: Suitable Capacity, having the arrangement to vary water head and keep it constant.
  • Instruction Manual: An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along with the Apparatus

Discharge Over Notches for engineering schools


  • Sudden Enlargement: From 15 mm to 25 mm
  • Sudden Contraction: From 25 mm to 15 mm
  • Electric supply: 0.5 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase