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Manufacturers & Bulk Exporters of Scientific & Laboratory Equipment Suppliers for Schools, Colleges, Research Laboratories. Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab Supplies Lab. A.C. High Voltage Tester, Hydrostatic Pressure Test Appratus, Analog High Voltage Insulation Tester, Demonstration Horizontal Meter, Demonstration Vertical Meter, Digital Insulation Tester, Digital Multimeter, Interscale Demonstration Meter with DC/AC Scales Basic Movement, Milli Voltmeters. Ray Export are leading in the Testing Lab Trainers, Testing Lab Trainers Manufacturer, Testing Lab Trainers Suppliers, Testing Lab Trainers India, Testing Lab Trainers Exporter, Testing Lab Equipments, Testing Machines.

A.C. High Voltage Tester


They test vacuum tubes, high voltage capacitors, vacuum relays, etc.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test Appratus


It is having the characteristic of boosting the pressure automatically with suitable pressure gauge, hour totalizer, isolating / bleeding system.

Analog High Voltage Insulation Tester


Analog High Voltage Insulation Tester.

Demonstration Horizontal Meter


Accuracy :&±2.5 F.S.D Scale Length :&85 mm approx Overall Size :&140x140x45..

Demonstration Vertical Meter


Type :&Vertical Accuracy :&± 2.5FSD Scale Length :&80mm (Approx) Overall Size :&115 x&115 x&175mm Approx Stand :&Wooden with sunmica pasted..

Digital Insulation Tester


Digital Insulation Tester

Digital Multimeter


Digital Multimeter AC Voltage: 200/600V+/-1.2% DC Voltage: 200m/2/20/200V+/-0.5%, 600V+/-0.8% DC Current: 200u/2m/20m/200mA+/-1.0%, 10A+/-3.0% Resistance: 200/2K/20K/200K/2000K+/-0.8% Diode Test: Tests Current 1.0mA, Test Voltage 3V Display: 3 1/2 Digit LCD, Max. Reading 3999 Transistor Test 1-1000 Overload Protection Power Source: 9V Battery Digital Multimeter Tester Dimensions: 2.75” X 4.96” X 1.1” Weight: 5.25 oz.

Digital Multimeter TRMS


Digital Multimeter TRMS

Interscale Demonstration Meter With DC AC Scales


Interscale Demonstration Meter with DC/AC Scales Basic Movement :&5mA-100mV F.S.D. Scale Length :&200 mm approx. Accuracy :&±2.5% F.S.D. Dimensions :&300x150x300 mm. Weight :&2&Kg.approx.

Milli Voltmeters


Educational Desk Stand Meter DC 20001 :&MilliAmmeters -&Range 0&-&1&to 1000mA 20002 :&Ammeters -&Range 0&-&1&to 10A 20003 :&MilliVoltmeter -&Range 0&-&150 to 1000mV 20004 :&Voltmeter -&Range 0&-&1&to 600V 20005 :&Galvanometer -&30-0-30 Division, Sensitivity of 20uA/Div & Specifications Case

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