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Fluid Mechanics Physics Equipments

Fluid Mechanics Physics Equipments

Fluid Mechanics Science Educational Equipments, Fluid Mechanics Teaching Equipment, Educational Equipment for Fluid Mechanics. Fluid Mechanics could be a crucial branch within the mighty branch of physics. It largely deals with the learning completely different fluids and their behavior after they are moving or in rest. Our merchandise associated with this field helps in delivery out the technical experience. They are designed to perfection and facilitate students ease their doubts and improve their information during this field. Ray Export tend to offer instruments specially curated for the high School children and also for colleges students too. Overall, our instrumentation is intended for all the ages World Health Organization would yet again need to realize and draw some necessary conclusions concerning this area. Avail the chance these days by grabing the most effective deals. Ray Export are leading in the Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics Manufacturer, Fluid Mechanics Suppliers, Fluid Mechanics India, Fluid Mechanics Exporter, Educational Lab Equipment, Physics Lab Instruments, Physics Equipment, Fluid Machines Laboratory Equipment.

Barometer Aneroid For Physics Lab


Dial 100 mm width, dial scale 960 to 1060 mb (28-31 in x 0.10 in) figured in black, great quality rotation mounted in a finished plastic frame 155 mm dia with glass in anodised bezel with lug for back mounting.

Barometer Siphon For Physics Lab


The entire segment of mercury is noticeable. Scale is graduated in both English and metric frameworks. Zero point alteration is conveyed by a screw clip connected to glass tube. Finish fitted on a finished wooden board.

Barometer Siphon Tube For Physics Lab


It is a glass tube 90 cm long with bulb on shorter limb.

Barometer Tube For Physics Lab


It is a glass tube 90 mm long closed at one end.

Bernouilli Tube For Physics Lab


Bernoulli tube is used to explain that when a liquid pass through a tube having a constriction the speed of flow is increased and pressure decreased in the constriction area.

Bourdon Gauge For Physics Lab


It is a circular gauge whose reading lies between 0 to 50 lb./in² x 1 & o to 3.5 Kg/cm² x 0.1 (total) pressure with clear perspex back so that the working parts can be watched.

Boyle's Law Apparatus For Physics Lab


Two glass tubes 220mm long x 8mm bore one shut at the top and other open. Lower ends of two glass tubes are joined by 1 meter of weight tubing. The two tubes mounted on sliding sections lockable in any position on metal support bars. Finished wooden stand with graduated scale 0-100 cms, with mms in centre and figured each cm on either side. Provided without mercury.

Boyles Law Apparatus Demo For Physics Lab


This apparatus is designed to demonstrate to students that volume of air enclosed in the column is clearly visible to students. A wide bore glass tube is mounted vertically in front of a scale graduated 0-60 cm. 

Cartesian Diver For Physics Lab


To explain floating, suspension, & sinking in accordance to Archemede’s principle ,it is Made of glass.

Communicating Vessel For Physics Lab


This apparatus consist of four unique shapes limbs projecting vertically on a common horizontal tube manufacured of glass mounted on wooden/plastic circular stand.