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Fluid Mechanics Science Educational Equipments, Fluid Mechanics Teaching Equipment, Educational Equipment for Fluid Mechanics. Fluid Mechanics could be a crucial branch within the mighty branch of physics. It largely deals with the learning completely different fluids and their behavior after they are moving or in rest. Our merchandise associated with this field helps in delivery out the technical experience. They are designed to perfection and facilitate students ease their doubts and improve their information during this field. Ray Export tend to offer instruments specially curated for the high School children and also for colleges students too. Overall, our instrumentation is intended for all the ages World Health Organization would yet again need to realize and draw some necessary conclusions concerning this area. Avail the chance these days by grabing the most effective deals. Ray Export are leading in the Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics Manufacturer, Fluid Mechanics Suppliers, Fluid Mechanics India, Fluid Mechanics Exporter, Educational Lab Equipment, Physics Lab Instruments, Physics Equipment, Fluid Machines Laboratory Equipment.

Fluid Pressure Apparatus For Physics Lab


To explain the transfer of fluid pressure. The apparatus consist of two metal cylinders 15 mm and 30 mm dia respectively fixed with piston and attached by a tube. The pistons comes with with bars terminating in plate forms for loading with masses required. The whole apparatus is fixed on a wooden base.

Foot Pump For Physics Lab

A same car pattern with an internal pressure gauge varies from 0 to 4 kg/cm2 and rubber tube adopter. The pump has a cylinder and provided with internal pressure tube and standard type valve connector.

Force Pump For Physics Lab


A working model to explain the features involved in the action of a force-pump. 

Fortins Barometer For Physics Lab


A glass tube of 6mm bore is cased in an enamelled and lacquered brass case ,standing on a finished wooden board with plates fitted on wall. Open plate reflectors, nuts and bolts for vertical adjustments. A dual scale graduated in 25 to 32 inches and 640 to 810mm is read by verniers moving by rack and pinion, reading to 0.002 inch and 0.1mm are encased in a glass cylinder. A glass cistern at the lower end of barometer is provided with an ivory point to fix the level of mercury. A thermometer -10 to 50°C is placed on the wooden board.  

Hares Apparatus For Physics Lab


This apparatus is basically used to distinguish and determine the densities of liquids. It consist of three limbed glass tube of side limbs 45 cms long and rubber tubing on the centre limb closed by mohr clip.

Hares Tube For Physics Lab


Un-mounted glass tube, limbs with a third small limb for connecting a suction tube.

Hydraulic Press Bramah For Physics Lab


The apparatus consist of a pumping cylinder dia 25mm x 350mm overall ht, provided with a piston and a non return valve at its lower end. A side tube joined at lower end of cylinder is also provided with a non return valve

Hydrometer Battery For Physics Lab


Pipette type, consisting  calibrated glass float  having coloured zones for charged, partly charged and uncharged conditions. Compressible bulb and rubber tube with fittings to glass body.

Hydrometer Beaums For Physics Lab


A) For light liquids calibrated at 20ºC. Combined scale range 70 - 10 & 700 bv- 1000.
B) For heavy liquids, calibrated at 20ºC; combined scale 1.000 to 2.000 & 0.70.

Hydrometer Nicholson For Physics Lab


This experiment is done to demonstrate the densities of solid and liquid, comntains hollow metal floatation body, upper loading pan, and weighted lower cone, all painted.

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