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Electrostatic Lab Trainer For Physics Electric Labs-type 1


It is a full training system to examine the fundamentals of  Electrostatics. This system comes up  with a Digital Electroscope, Pith ball pendulum, Charge explanation Tube. A set of unique rods and clothes are given to examine the electrostatic charges by their different combinations. 

Magnetism Lab Trainer For Physics Electric Labs type-2


It is a full training system to examine the fundamentals of magnetism. 

Van De Graaff Generator For Physics Electric Labs Type-2


This generator is used for generating high voltage.It consist of Motor-driven insulating belt. It is a standard apparatus for explaining the presence of static electricity. 

Inverse Square Law Demonstrator For Physics Electric Labs


Inverse Square Law Demonstrator is an Optical Setup that explains the phenomenon of the variation of light intensity with distance. 

Coulomb's Law Demonstrator For Physics Electric Labs


Coulomb`s Law Demonstrator is an important setup to understand the conceptual aspect of Coulomb`s law. Coulomb`s law states that the force between two electrical charges is proportional to the product of the charges, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Coulombic force is one of the principle force involved in atomic reactions. Coulomb`s Law is applicable for Electric field, Gravitational field and Magnetic field. In this product Magnetic force is used for Coulomb`s Law Demonstration.

Moment Of Inertia Table Setup For Physics Electric Labs


Moment of Inertia Table Setup dramatically represents how moment of inertia posses in any body. Setup explains how it is affected by mass and distance from the axis of rotation. Our setup allows to determine the moment of inertia of various objects. For time measurement of rotation, measurement unit is included with manual and automatic mode.

Viscosity Measurement Apparatus For Physics Electric Labs


Viscosity Measurement Apparatus demonstrates viscosity experiment and elicit the interest of students in the field of fluid mechanics. This apparatus verifies Stoke s law and helps us to understand the motion of object inside the fluid. Here falling sphere method is used to determine the viscosity of liquid. This method describes a general procedure for the determination of not only the viscosity but the density of liquid as well. This activity enables us to observe the relative viscosity and density of liquids like glycerin, castor oil, mustard oil etc. Our set-up covers both manual and automatic viscosity determination

Young's Modulus Setup For Physics Electric Labs


Young`s Modulus Setup is a complete system used to determine  Elasticity of materials.

Post Office Box Trainer For Physics Electric Labs


Post Office Box is helpful to determine the unknown resistance of wires like Constantan, and Nichrome etc. With the help of NV6041 we can determine the specific resistance of different types of wire. Post Office Box can also verify the combination of resistances in series and parallel.

Desauty's And Schearing Bridge Trainer For Physics Electric Labs


Desauty's And Schearing Bridge Trainer is useful for measuring very small value of Capacitance. By setting the null point, we can evaluate the unknown capacitance. To set this point, null detector with amplifier circuit is implemented on trainer board