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Power & Instrumentation Lab

Power & Instrumentation Lab

We carry a wide range of power and instrumentation trainers designed to demonstrate the module of electric energy and functioning of various instruments.

Load Cell (Strain Guage) Trainer



· It can be utilized to gauge stack 0-2 kg. 

· Built in DC controlled power supply(IC) is accommodated cut off 

· LED sign for supply ON. 

· 4 strain checks connect mounted on an extraordinarily amalgam materials write stack cell. 

· Excitation voltage for the bridge,3.5 digit seven section show for coordinate perusing stain in Kg and exceedingly touchy flag intensifier every one of these highlights are inherent. Diverse burdens given to working up of load. 

· Patch lines and direction manual can likewise be given.

LVDT Displacement Measurement Trainer



· AC excitation source 2.5 kHz 

· Linear variable differential transformer in nonmetallic structure 

· Micrometer connected with mechanical relocation framework 

· Displacement go 10 mm/+5mm to - 5mm 

· Sockets accessibility to watch/measure the signs 

· Balanced demodulator (IC based) 

· 3.5 digit DPM as removal pointer 

· Detailed direction Manual

Pressure Measurement Trainer


Details : 

· Range 300mm 

· Pressure Cell 

· Sockets are given to watch/measure the signs 

· 3.5 digit DPM sign of Pressure 

· 220V, IC controlled power supply 

· Pressure generator utilizing show dial.

RTD Temperature Measurement Trainer


Details : 

· RTD ( PT - 100 ) test with insurance cover is accessible 

· 3.5 digit DPM temperature pointer 

· Bridge circuit for transducer 

· Differential intensifier with input 

· Lead pay framework 

· For observing and controlling, O/P terminals gave on test focuses. 

· Heater and Glass thermometer for reference

Thermocouple Temperature measurement Trainer



· Thermocouple with computerized board 

· O/P gave on test focuses to controlling and observing purposes 

· Test pins to screen at all stages 

· Mercury thermometer and radiator( 10 watts) 

· 220 V, IC controlled power supply

Magnetic Pickup Distance Measurement Trainer


Details : 

· Distance estimation utilizing engine and wheel 

· Electromagnetic get 

· Signal conditioner hardware utilizing Op amps 

· Excitation voltage for get 

· computerized counter(4 digit) 

· Rotation and separation from 0 to 999.9 cm.

Sample & Hold Trainer



· ADC 0809 and DAC 0800 (Onboard). 

· Digital yield show on LED. 

· Sample and Hold can be chosen utilizing flip switch. 

· Conversion time 100ms. 

· Onboard variable DC flag (0-5V). 

· 220 V,IC directed power supply 

· Detailed guideline manual went with

Photoelectric Pick Up Speed Measurement Train



· Speed estimation utilizing photograph electric pickup transducer should be possible utilizing this pack. 

· On-board RPM meter for estimation of speed 

· On-board potentiometer for shifting pace 

· On-board photograph electric sensor and DC engine with shaft 

· On-board push catch to reset the tally 

· On-board flag molding circuit 

· Test focuses are given at different stages to watch the signs and waveforms 

· Interconnection: 2/4mm banana attachments 

· DC Supply: Built-in (IC) DC directed power supplies 

· 220V ±10%, 50Hz mains worked 

· Enclosed in an alluring ABS plastic bureau with cover 

· User's Manual with fix ropes can likewise be given.