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Ray Export is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Automotive Trainers & Models in India, Mozambique,Educational Lab Equipment in Supplier Kenya, Southren African region, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania and Uganda.

Automotive Trainers & Models has began to develop and manufacture vocational automotive training equipment underneath the Ray Export complete. Our product vary consists of: cars and trucks self-contained, totally operational engines, training boards – simulators, useful models, cutaway models and other equipment for vocational education and training. Automotive training equipment could be a great tool for college students of technical subjects to know higher operating processes in numerous automotive systems and explore completely different sensors, actuators, alternative devices and their functions. Ray Export manufactured equipment students are able to learn the way to perform numerous measurements, scan and perceive technical documentation, schematics, wiring diagrams, error codes, signal characteristics and diagnostic procedures. Ray Export are leading in the Automotive Trainers and Models, Automotive Trainers and Models Manufacturer, Automotive Trainers and Models Suppliers, Automotive Trainers and Models India, Automotive Trainers and Models Exporter, Engineering Equipments, Engineering Laboratory Equipment.

Sectioned Front Suspension Unit Trainer For Engineering Schools


These are finished front end units of vehicle that are perfect for showing the task and collaboration of guiding and suspension components. Using these coaches, understudies might be presented to the capacity of the stabilizer, safeguards, controlling linkages, suspension frameworks, zones of arrangement and modification, task of brakes and the sky is the limit from there

McPherson Strut Tyep Suspension Trainerfor Engineering Schools


McPherson Strut Type Suspension Trainer , specialized showing gear for designing 

This is as of now, without question, the most broadly utilized front suspension framework in autos of European beginning. It is straightforwardness itself. The framework fundamentally includes a swagger sort spring and safeguard combo, which rotates on a swiveling appendage on the single, bring down arm. At the best end there is a needle roller bearing on some more modern frameworks. The swagger itself is the heap bearing part in this get together, with the spring and safeguard only playing out their obligation as restrict to really holding the auto up. The controlling apparatus is either associated straightforwardly to the lower safeguard lodging, or to an arm from the front or back of the shaft (for this situation). When you steer, it physically curves the swagger and safeguard lodging (and subsequently the spring) to turn the wheel.

Power Steering Trainerfor Engineering Schools


Power Steering Trainer, specialized showing gear for designing 

Coach configuration to show the capacity and task of commonplace power directing framework and furthermore can be use by understudy to hone gathering/dismantling expertise, repair and support methods.

Sectioned Power Steering Components Trainerfor Engineering Schools


Segmented Power Steering Components Trainer , specialized showing hardware for building 

Separated Power Steering Components Trainer for use in instructive and inquire about labs. We mass supply Laboratory Equipments for MOE Tenders according to required.

Power Steering Trainer (Self-Contained)For Engineering Schools


Power Steering Trainer

Power Steering Trainer (Perable Rack And Pinion Type)For Engineering Schools


Power Steering Trainer

Sectioned Power Steering Hydraulic Pumpsfor Engineering Schools


Sectioned power steering hydraulic pumps for use in educational and research labs. We bulk supply Laboratory Equipments for MOE Tenders as per required. 

Sectioned Steering Gears Set Trainerfor Engineering Schools


Sectioned Steering Gears Set Trainer for use in educational and research labs. We bulk supply Laboratory Equipments for MOE Tenders as per required specifications.

Rack And Pinion Gearbox (Sectioned Units) Trainerfor Engineering Schools


Rack and Pinion Gearbox (Sectioned Units), specialized showing hardware for designing 


Controlling wheel 

? Rack 

? Pinion 

The unit is precisely separated as to obviously demonstrate all the interior parts. Every segmented zone are painted and shading coded to take into consideration simple ID of parts. Directing apparatus activity can be exhibited by utilizing the hand wheel to turn the instrument. Henceforth, it is conceivable to see plainly how the pinion draws in the rack and makes it move when the directing wheel is turned. The pole on which the rack is machined has two circular couplings at its end and these are thusly associated with the controlling arms. The unit is provided on an exquisite wooden base.

Worm And Roller Gearbox (Sectioned Units) Trainerfor Engineering Schools


Worm and Roller Gearbox (Sectioned Units), technical teaching equipment for engineering
Trainer - This steering gear uses an hourglass-shaped worn (the cam) mounted between opposing taper roller bearings. The outer race of the bearings is located in the end plate flange and in a supporting sleeve at the input end of the worm shaft. Shims, incorporated between the end plates and housing, are used for adjusting the taper roller bearing preload and for centralizing the worm relative to the rocker shaft.
A roller follower having two or three teeth engages with the worm teeth and is carried on two sets of needle rollers supported on a short steel pin, which is located between the fork arm an integral part of the rocker shaft. To reduce frictional losses, the needle rollers are replaced by ball races, which support radial loads and also end thrust. The rocker shaft is supported on two plain bushes located in the steering box and other in the top cover plate. A shouldered screw located in a machined mortise to T slot at one end of the rocker shaft, absorbs end thrust in both directions on the rocker shaft.
In order to adjust the depth of mesh of the worm and roller, the steering wheel is moved to the mid-position of the number of turns of the steering wheel from lock to lock. The end thrust shouldered screw is screwed until all free movement is taken up and then the lock nut is tightened to reduce offset distance. The cam is centralised relative to the rocker shaft roller so that there is an equal amount of backlash between the roller and worm at a point half a turn of the steering wheel at either side of the mid-position. Any adjustment necessary is carried out by removing the shims from one end plate and adding the same to the existing shims at the other. The forward and reverse efficiencies of the worm and roller gear are respectively 73% and 48%, which are slightly lower than the cam and peg type of gear. These efficiencies to some extent depend upon the design. To obtain higher efficiencies a needle or taper roller bearing can be used between the rocker shaft and housing instead of the usual plain bush type of bearing.

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