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Testing & Measuring Lab Trainers

Testing & Measuring Lab Trainers

Testing and measuring lab trainers are widely used in electronics labs. 

Analog Oscilloscope


We give double channel,(10MHz-100MHz) data transfer capacity ,Single and also twofold follow simple oscilloscope with worked in 1 MHz work generator.It has high affectability of 1mv/div with rotating trigger capacity. 


crt compose, 6 inches rectangular write with inward graticule,8 x 10 div (1div=1cm),accelerating potential 2kv,Sensitivity territory mV-V,bandwidth: 5MHz,polarity positive,focus control, auto center.

Logic Analyzers


We give a high caliber of Logic Analyzer. The rationale analyzer gave by us encourages the client to investigate computerized signals, perception of multi channel legitimate messages and the examination of the sensible status and additionally the rectifications of the time succession. These items are in a perfect world suited for clients on equipment/programming troubleshooting, parametric, blended flag testing, and complex investigating. 

It is accessible in Compact size with proficient execution including Low upkeep.

Spectrum Analyzers


The Spectrum Analyzer gave by our organization is a reduced and simple to deal with Spectrum Analyzer with productive execution making it appropriate for convenient applications. The IF innovation utilize guarantees the dependability and execution for RF applications. 


The substantial show with a determination of 800x480pixels gives a decent viewpoint to the analyzer. Numerous capacities like Auto Tune, Auto Range, Auto Scale and Auto Couple makes it a firm gadget. These capacities causes the analyzer to get flags and synchronize parameters automatically.Easy User and graphical interface bolsters the simple usefulness of the devic

Digital Storage Oscilloscope


The DSO provided by us has the accompanying features:1 GHz, 500, 350 MHz data transfer capacity models,2 and 4 channel models test rates up to 5 gs/s on all channels,10 uber test record length on all channels,3,700 wfms/s greatest waveform catch rate ,wave inspector(C) controls give exceptional proficiency in waveform analysis,i2c, spi, CAN serial activating and investigation. 


10. 4 in. (264 mm) xga shading display,small impression and lightweight - just 5. 4 in. (137 mm) profound and 11 lbs. (5 kg),USB and compactflash on front board for brisk and simple storage,built-in ethernet port,plug 'n' play availability and examination programming solutions,usb 2. 0 gadget port for coordinate pc control of oscilloscope.

Decade Inductance Box


We offer an extensive variety of Decade Inductance Box.These inductance confines are generally utilized different mechanical applications. These containers are utilized for estimating different depths.They have long life and High load bearing limit. 


Many years of 10 µH, 100 µH, 1 mH, 10 mH, 100 mH,1 H,10 H,Total Inductance run is from 10 µH to 10 H,Accuracy 2.5%,Residual Inductance< 2 µH

Decade Resistance Box


Decade obstruction box contains resistors of various qualities and two (or four) terminals, with a mechanical switch that makes an opposition of any esteem permitted by the container to be chosen utilizing dial. Decade Resistance Box discovers its application in instructive (eg.To get recurrence reaction of single stage and two phase rc coupled basic producer transistor enhancer) and Industrial purposes. 


Opposition Box which we furnish is accessible in metal box with handle and dial fitted on it. It is furnished with 4mm attachment terminals with Accuracy of ± 1%. Obstruction ranges are as specified 0.1 to 1 Ohms in venture of 100 milliohms, 1 to 10 Ohms in advance of 1 Ohm, 10 to 100 Ohms in advance of 10 Ohms ,100 to 1000 Ohms in advance of 100 Ohms ,1000 to 10000 Ohms in advance of 1000 Ohms.

Decade Capacitance Box


We give brilliant research facility hardware to satisfy the prerequisite of various estimations of standard capacitance. 10 stages are alloted for each dial ,purported decade. Arrangement to limit the leftover capacitance. 


Range accessible 0.001µF,0.01µF and 0.1 µF.It has 3 dials with general capacitance of 1.11µFand some more.

Vacuum Tube Voltmeter(VTVM)


Enhanced voltmeters for the most part have an info obstruction of 1, 10, or 20 megohms autonomous of the range chose. A vacuum tube in the speaker circuit is utilized as a part of this instrument and subsequently called the vacuum tube voltmeter( VTVM). 

Particulars: Measurement of AC and DC voltages from 1.5 to 1500 Volts FSD in 7 territories. Estimation of Resistance from 0.2 ? to 1000M? out of 7 decade ventures with ohm to 10M? focus scale. Recurrence Response :10 Hz to 500 KHz.Input impedance 10M? for DC, 1M? for AC at low frequ-encies.Accuracy for AC/DC Voltages : ±3 % of range.Accuracy for Resistance Range : ± 5% of focus scale upto 1M?.

Output Power meter


Powermeter works in blend with sensors of various sorts (CW, normal and pinnacle and normal), with an extensive variety of recurrence and power, to gauge the energy of microwave and RF signals. The gadget can be utilized to gauge the yield energy of correspondence frameworks transmitters(BTs),radar framework equipment,cellular phones and so on. 


Wattmeter transfer: 0 to 100W of every four stages : 0 to 10mW-1W-10W-100W and flag can be weakened up to 40dB. In four stages of 0-10-20-30-40dB. and Load that can be given to a sound and radio flag is from extend 3 ohm to 10K ohm in ten stages i.e. 3.6,8,16,50,78,600,1K,2K,5K and 10K ohm.

LCR Q meter


LCR meter is utilized to quantify Induc-tance,capacitance and opposition of an electronic component.An LCR meter is accessible in various recurrence ranges . 


LCR Q meter with Resistance Range from 0.1 ohms to 20M ohms in seven ranges,Capacitance Range from 0.1pF to 20000?F,Inductance from 0.1?H to 2000H ,Accuracy of ±0.5% + 1digit,3 digit show can be given.