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Junior Mathematics Kit For Maths Lab


Junior Mathematics Kit consist : 


Jolly Air Bulb For Physics Lab


Jolly Air thermometer bulb is rested on a wooden frame which is  fixed at three places - up, middle , & down on the stand.

Jockey Knife Edge For Physics Lab


For Wheatstone Bridge & Potentiometers. Metal knife edge mounted in plastic handle, 90 mm long x 12 mm dia with terminal at the upper end

Jomney End Quench Hardnability Tester


This apparatus is used for explaining the strength of steel by an experiment called Quench Test. This experiment will provide knowledge to student to know about the characteristics of the dif...

Jolting Apparatus For Testing Lab for Cement Testing Lab


Jolting Apparatus for Cement Testing - making standard rectangular samples of 40 x 40 x 160mm. of Portland and pozzolana cement mortar for determining the transverse strength. Determination : ...

Journal Bearing Apparatus) For Engineering Schools


Journal Bearing Apparatus), technical teaching equipment fo...

Junior Projection Microscope (Wall Screen)


Jack Plane


Made from fine grey seasoned iron castings. Induction hardened and ground EN-42 steel blade. Polished and laquered to high finish. Nickel chrome plated. Polished ...

Journal Bearing Friction Apparatus


Specialized Description The fundamental tribological wonders of diary course can be explored utilizing this unit. The diary bearing to be explored comprises of a stainless steel bearing diary and t...

Journal Bearing Apparatus


Specialized Description The diary bearing mechanical assembly to investigate the dispersion of weight in slide course outlines the rule of hydrodynamic oil. The circulation of weight and the convey...

Jointed Roof Truss on Wheels


The mechanical assembly is around 1.2 meter long andstrongly Constructed in all metal, one leg is fittedon an immoveable section and alternate onrollers. Spring adjusts indicate strain on therod an...

Journal Friction Apparatus


Highlights Self-contained Free-standing, floor mounted Variable load, speed and oil Determination of coefficient of erosion Three year guarantee Range of Experiments Determination of coefficient of...

Jacketed Vessel with Stirrer & Coil


Specialized Description Batches are warmed in jacketed warm exchangers. The warmth exchanger contains a stirrer for enhanced dissemination and a further sensor to quantify the clump temperature. A ...

Junker's Gas Calorimeter


Junker's Gas Calorimeter EXPERIMENTAL CAPABILITIES: To decide Calorific Value of Gaseous Fuels. Details: Gas Calorimeter with Burner, made in Stainless Steel Gas Flow meter Governor to cont...

Journal Bearing Apparatus


Diary bearing mechanical assembly to investigate the circulation of weight in slide heading represents the guideline of hydrodynamic grease. The dissemination of weight and the conveying limit can ...

Jaw Crusher


Jaw Crusher We offer amazing Jaw Crusher to our profitable clients. Fabricated as per the modern set models, these crushers are usually utilized for different pulverizing applications. To guarantee...

Jaw Crusher 1


Jaw Crusher We are offering a huge array of Jaw Crusher, which are manufactured from the superior quality raw materials.. All our crushers are designed in compliance with international quality norm...

Jaw Crusher 2


Jaw Crusher Jaw Crusher is intended to accelerate the devastating of totals, metals, minerals, coke, chemicals and others comparable materials. It is reduced and of tough development for general re...

Joy Valve Gear


It Is showing model with every metallic part, mounted onwell finished vertical wooden board. The model utilizes noeccentrics. The framework is by and large connected to locomotiveengine..

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