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KIPP'S APPARATUS for Science Lab


This Kipp's Apparatus made of Polyethylene has three main portions. The top portion is fitted with a thistle funnel and a bulb structure through which dilute funnel and a bulb structure through whi...

Kundts Tube Apparatus For Physics Lab


To know the longitudinal waves in air and velocity of sound in air, it consist of a glass tube approx 1.2 meter length and 34 mm diameter. adjustable piston which is a tightly fitted &nbs...

Knife Switch Double For Physics Lab


Double Pole Double Throw, placed on a bakelite base with screw holes for bench fixing etc. Overall Dimensions 100 x 15 x 30 mm

Knife Switch Single For Physics Lab


Single pole double throw mounted on bakelite base with plated spring metal contacts and screw connectors

Kidney Tray / Emesis Basin, Stainless Steel


Kidney Tray Stainless Steel 6"

Kidney Tray Stainless Steel 8"

Kidney Tray Stainless Steel 10"

KELLEY Ball Penetration Apparatus For Testing Lab for Concrete Testing Lab


KELLEY Ball Penetration Apparatus for Concrete Testing - The mechanical assembly is utilized to decide the workability of Portland cement and concrete. The Kelly ball test is much quicker than slum...

Kirchhoff`S Current And Voltage Law Trainer For Electronics Teaching Labs


Current and Voltage Law Trainer is a compact, ready to use experiment board. It is useful for students to study and understand the basic concept behind Kirchhoff`s Current Law and Kirchhoff`s Volta...

Kelvin`S Bridge Trainer For Electronics Teaching Labs


Experimentation with Kelvin`s Bridge Nvis 6534 is a useful training product for measuring very small values of resistance. Kelvin's double bridge or Kelvin's bridge (as it is commonly known) is a v...

Klystron Microwave Test Bench For Vocational Training And Didactic Labs


The Microwave Test Benches are exactness made microwave frameworks, which utilize standard compose rectangular wave-control segments to show the basic components of this field for examine. The hard...

Klystron Microwave Test Bench Waveguide Horn Antenna For Vocational Training And Didactic Labsmt


The Microwave Test Benches are exactness made microwave frameworks, which utilize standard compose rectangular wave-manage parts to represent the fundamental components of this field for think abou...

Kinematic Pairs Engineering Training Model For Engineering Schools


Kinematic Pairs Engineering Training Model, technical teach...

Kaplan Turbine Trainer For Engineering Schools


Kaplan Turbine Trainer, technical teaching equipment for en...

Kidney Stone


Kidney stone model is used to provide information about kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) and urenery stones (urolithiasis). The renal calices, the renal pelvis and...

Kinetic Theory Apparatus


Demonstrates the kinetic theory of gases and associated phenomena such as thinning of air with increasing altitude etc. 

KCL and KVL, Kirchoffs law


Verification of kcl and kvl (Kirchoff's law)

Kinetics Of Dissolution Of Benzoic Acid


The setup comprises of a Reactor in which strong barrel of Benzoic Acid is set and water is mixed by methods for a variable speed blender. Astounds are additionally given. The Reactor is made of St...



Aset of five metal keys mounted on shaft with collars

Knuckle Joint


An all metallic model, properlyConstructed..

Kinematic Pairs


Distinctive writes, demonstrating sliding pair, turning pair, moving pair(two composes), screw match (two composes) circular combine, completelyconstrained movement, adapt wheels, two kinds of conn...

Kater's Reversible Pendulum


Comprising of 120x1.2 cm metal bar with pointed ends,carrying two arrangements of flexible blade edges and two vast andsmall metal weights. Two comparable hardwood weight$ areprovided. Finish with ...