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Human Heart Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


It is removable from base and shows internal/external anatomy including valves, cardiac chambers, and pulmonary and systemic vascular structures. 

Human Heart, Economy Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


It shows two parts natural size, showing frontal section and the front of the heart on base, with key card 

Human Heart, 3 Parts Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


It shows 3 parts Bicuspid and tricuspid semilunar and sigmoid values on base, with key card

Human Heart, 4 Parts Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


This model can be cut into 4 pieces to take a closer look at the intricate inner structure.  

Human Heart 7 Parts Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


This model is cut into 7 pieces for identifying parts: Oesophagus, Trachea, Superior vena cava, Aorta, Front Heart Wall, Upper half of the heart.

Lobule Of The Lung Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


This model demonstrate the structures associated with gaseous exchange, the alveolar epithelium, the alveoli, cappillary system, supply arteries, veins, bronchioles interfacing with alveolar pipes,...

Human Lungs Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


This model highlights the  structures of a full size right lung and respiratory tract and accompanies a base and keycard, perfect for understanding instruction.

Human Lungs And Heart Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


Study the lungs and heart with this designed anatomical model. This model displays the lungs and heart for clear display of interior anatomy, along with a 2-piece heart which can be removed for ins...

Human Lung With Larynx And Heart Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


A real size explanation of the entire respiratory framework, can be cut in 4 sections, demonstrating the position of lungs stomach and heart, mounted on base with key card.

Human Larynx Anatomy Model


Human Larynx Anatomy Model Model FOR BIOLOGY LAB

Anatomy Of The Foot Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


Dissectible in 3 sections. The plantar aponeurosis and the flexor brevis can be evacuated to demonstrate the basic system of muscles, ligaments, vessels and nerves. A more profound plantar analyzat...

Dental Hygiene Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


The model helps in understanding the shape and conformation of the sets of permanent teeth

Human Teeth Lower Molar With Root Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


2 sections, Lower Molar with root around 12X life estimate; it demonstrates the most vital dental pathologies, mounted on base with stand and key card..

Human Stomach Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


Concentrate the stomach with a point by point anatomical model. Incredible for students, and also medical proffessionals, these models are awesome for the individuals who support a hands-on or 3D w...

Human Stomach Anatomy Model Economy For Biology Lab


is dismembered along the average plane and can be opened to demonstrate the inside structure of the stomach, including the mucosa, the pylorus, and segment of the gastric divider. The model likewis...

Human Pancreas, Duodenum And Spleen Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


Model is a precise portrayal of the pancreas, spleen and duodenum. The pancreas is interested in demonstrate the whole pancreatic pipe. The duodenum is somewhat analyzed to uncover its inner struct...

Human Liver With Gall Bladder Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


Model is 1.5 times magnified, and even shows the branch of vessels in liver and the bile duct system. 

Animal Cell Zoology Model For Biology Lab


Animal Cell Model, provides clear picture of the  complex structure of the animal cell. It helps us in Showing the nucleus , endoplasmatic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes, polysomes and Gol...

Animal Cell Three Dimensional Zoology Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


It is a three dimensional model with one side can be cut and placed to show complete internal structure

Animal Cell Mitosis Zoology Model Set Of 8 For Biology Lab


It explains the process of mitotic cell division. The chromosomes are painted to allow easy identification.