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gas cartridges


gas cartridges Types of Disposable and versatile utilize . Butane gas containing 190 g/cartridges . Utilized with a convenient burner . General stature 90 mm cartridge measure . Provided in a conta...

wood test


wood test Dry sticks . Estimating length of 150 mm - 200 mm . Provided in packs of 50 sticks/pack ..

paper labels


paper marks White, high caliber ,berperekat , waterproof . Can be composed on it . Estimating length x width , 20 mm x 20 mm . Provided in a case, 300 pieces/box ..

Blue litmus paper


Blue litmus paper Blue , pH 8-5 . Changed shading from blue to red in corrosive. Estimating length x width , 65 mm x 10 mm . Each book is 10 pieces. Provided in boxes, 10 books/box ..



sandpaper Medium sand surface . Estimating length x width , 250 mm x 250 mm . Provided in sheet frame.

Tissue paper rolls


Tissue paper moves Absorbance , consistent review , faded white , twisted . Pressed 10 rolls/pack.



tests Stainless eye limit needle , a plastic holder/hardwood estimating length of 80 mm . Estimating needle length 33 mm ..

Fingerprint Pad


Unique finger impression Pad Black ink cushion to take fingerprints. Estimating length x width , 100 mm x 70 mm . Outfitted with ink provided in jugs of 50 ml/bottle.

Washer laboratory table


Washer research center table Use of disposables. Made of waterproof material , fire resistant , compound safe , against - slip and not effectively torn. Estimating length x width , 600 mm x 450 mm ...



lighters Made of steel tubing , length 100 mm with plastic holder measures 80 mm . Reasonable for lighting the Bunsen burner . A piezoelectric start . Working triggers deliver sparkles that could t...



toothpick Made of wood , a limit end and a pointed tip . Pick general length estimating 55 mm . Provided in a container, 100 sticks/box ..

laboratory burners


research facility burners Type of versatile. Ignition tube is made of chromium - plated metal , headed unique punctured for ideal burning . Estimating tube width 21 mm . Having a gas controller han...



plasticine The material can be formed to make the model . Assortment of hues . Not sticky and cling to. Provided in a container, 300 g/box.

Test tube rack


Test tube rack Made of hardwood. 6 opening estimating 32 mm in breadth and 6 wooden pegs estimating stature x measurement , 100 mm x 6 mm . General rack measures 320 mm long .



Skapel Made of hardened steel , estimating the length of 113 mm and length of 38 mm estimating focuses ..

Spatula plastic


Spatula, plastic Made of plastic . Spoon toward one side and a spatula in the other. Estimating length of 200 mm.

Spatula steel


Spatula, steel Made of fantastic tempered steel , spoon toward one side and a spatula in the opposite end . Estimating length of 200 mm

Ruler meters


Ruler meters Made of plastic. Estimating the length x width x thickness, 30 cm x 25 mm x 2 mm. Scale in cm and mm, set apart on the two sides.

brush burette


brush burette Wire pole made of excited steel , with nylon abounds wound around the head . Estimating head measure , breadth x length , 15 mm x 150 mm . The general length of 900 mm.

Brush test tubes


Brush test tubes Wire pole made of aroused steel , curved with nylon swarms . Material brush end there .Bernilon estimating segment sizes , width x length , 10 mm x 45 mm . The general length of 22...