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Windmill Wind Machine 3


Highlights Designed for use with little Windmills. Variable breeze speed. Sensibly uniform breeze speed dissemination. Whirl free. Fan commotion hushed. Three year guarantee. Scope of Experiments N...

Shoe Flex Tester 3


Shoe Flex Tester - The Shoe Flex Tester is utilized for assurance of the capacity of the full shoe to withstand the impact of flexing stresses delivered on the diverse parts of the shoe. In spite o...

Heat Transfer Bench 4


Specialized Description The connections for warm exchange by constrained convection can be researched with this seat. A fan draws air through a pipe with a streamlined channel component that gives ...

Martindale Abrasion Tester 3


Martindale Abrasion Tester - Determination of opposition of any texture to scraped spot is normally done by rubbing the texture under indicated conditions against a standard abradant. Albeit plane ...

Mixed Flow Module 4


Specialized Description The air channel with the pipe package warm exchanger is fitted to and warmed electrically. The warmth exchange between the pipe divider and medium can be examined. Confuses ...

Liquid in Liquid Diffusion Apparatus 3


Fluid in Liquid Diffusion Apparatus The setup contains every single fundamental assistant to decide the dissemination coefficient of segments in the fluid stage. The discourse cell is an all around...

Mass Transfer Lab Equipment 7


Mass Transfer Lab Equipment

Parallel Flow Module


Specialized Description The warmth move in and around funnels can be explored utilizing. The warmth exchange from the pipe divider to the medium is watched. A ring warmer recreates the stream insid...

Photovoltaic Trainer


Specialized Description The immediate change of light vitality into electrical vitality is named the photovoltaic impact. Since photovoltaic frameworks principally utilize the unmistakable range of...

Steam Distillation Set Up 3


Steam Distillation Set Up The hardware comprises of jacketed weight vessel for refining. Steam from a steam generator can either be permitted to enter 'in the external coat or in the vessel...

Single Solar Collector System


Specialized Description In this framework a level plate authority transmits the transmitted warmth of the sun to a warmth exchange medium. The vitality is exchanged to a high temp water circuit in ...

Solar Energy Demonstration PC


Specialized Description The is a completely practical exhibit model of a framework for warming local water utilizing radiation vitality. A powerful light mimics characteristic daylight. Thusly, the...

Water to Air Heat Exchanger Trainer


Technical Description Quantitative investigations on a water -to-air heat exchanger can be performed using this trainer. The trainer consists of a closed hot water circuit with heater, tank, pump a...

Vapour In Air Diffusion Apparatus 6


Vapor In Air Diffusion Apparatus Diffusivity of the vapors is resolved strategy in which fluid is permitted to vanish in a graduated vertical glass tube over the highest point of which a flood of a...

Batch Crystallizer 5


Clump Crystallizer The set-up is intended to show and fortify the marvels of crystallization. This activity includes both warmth and mass exchange. Crystallization is the development of strong part...

Multipurpose Air Duct and Heat Transfer Unit


Specialized Description The unit involves a protected pipe through which air is drawn with the guide of a fan. The wind current produced is homogeneous because of an exceptionally molded delta terr...

Heat Exchanger Trainer


Specialized Description This coach analyzes tubular, shell & tube, finned cross-stream (water-to-air) and plate warm exchangers. A blending tank with coat warmer and radiator loop is additi...

Absorption In Wetted Wall Column 3


Ingestion In Wetted Wall Column The set up comprises of glass segment, sustain tank, CO2 chamber with controller, air controller with weight check. Rotameter, accepting plate and funneling. Metered...

Solid In Air Diffusion Apparatus 3


Strong In Air Diffusion Apparatus The set up comprises of glass segment, pressing material, air rotameter and channeling. Metered amount of wind current is gone through the stuffed bed vertically u...

Heat Transfer at Pipe Walls


Specialized Description The trademark properties of the warmth move in turbulent stream in a pipe warm exchanger are shown utilizing this unit. It is conceivable to show both parallel and counterfl...