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Absorption Zone Of Root For Biology Lab


Model of white mustard (sinapis alba) demonstrating the ingestion zone of a dicotledonous plant, mounted on base with key card.

Tissue Structure Of Tree Shoot For Biology Lab


Display 40 times amplified, demonstrating the cross and longitudinal area through a 3-year old branch of lime tree (tilia platyphyllos), mounted on base with key card.

Ultra-Structure Of Cell For Biology Lab


It is a Set of 3 models particularly showing the ultra-structure of a cell

Aids Virus For Biology Lab


Model of HIV infection is extended a great many circumstances demonstrates the external lipid film with protein structures, and the inward nucleous which contains the viral hereditary issue (RNA). ...

Comparitive Germination Model For Biology Lab


8 piece model for explaining difference of three  types of germination methods: monocot, dicot and gymnosperm.

Hand Microtome For Biology Lab


Hand Microtome: Biology Science Lab Microscope Accessories - Brass top plate 6.5 cm. dia. with centered hole 2.3 cm. dia. General length 8.5 cm. The processed head at the base when rotated records ...

Hand And Table Microtome For Biology Lab


Hand and Table Microtome - Microtomes Biology Stage dia. 80mm. vertical lift 20 mm. also, minimum check 0.01 mm, Can be safely joined to the edge of seat, table or work surface with the assistance ...

Hand Microtome Ranvier For Biology Lab


Microtome (Ranvier sort) - Ranvier's Microtome is normally a handy instrument; the entire mechanical assembly can be upset in spirit, just to take the sections time to time of same particular tissu...

Razor For Hand Microtome For Biology Lab


It consist of a Heavy gauge with edge covered  for safe handling.

Rotary Microtome For Biology Lab


Rotational Microtome - Heavy base with pivoted cover for securing the inside system, and blade holder. With each revolution of the drive wheel, the nourish board drew in the teeth of ratchet wheel ...

Hand Microtome External Milled Knob For Biology Lab


Hand Microtome External Milled Knob with a micrometer size of 50 divisions of 10 microns. Most sample area of 20 mm. Least cut of 10 microns. 

Herbarium Press


Heavy wooden boards,paint applied are utilized as weight plates, provided with fly-nuts for putting adequate weight.

Herbarium Press For Field Use


Light and Handy. Made of wooden . pressure can be put by methods for solid belts gave on it.

Botanical Vasculum For Biology Lab


For collecting of natural particulars from field. Made of 22 SWG aluminum sheet. Handle and movable holder strap provided for simple dealing with. Outside all around painted and inside furnished wi...

Insect Storage Box For Biology Lab


For sticking of bugs both top and bottom inside. Teakwood outline with sunmica top and plywood base is done in lacquer finish. Top and base fixed with 8 mm thick EVA sheet. Inside coated white with...

Entomological Pins For Biology Lab


These pins are available in different sizes Size Avaliable : 12, 15, 18, 26, 30, 38

Insect Spreading Board For Biology Lab


Wooden, secured , synthetic sheet suitable for repeated pinning without leaving pin marks. groove easily flexible in width for different sizes of insects up 12 mm.

Insect Collecting Net For Biology Lab


Ring made of iron wire rested on anodized aluminum pipe handle with fine elastic grip at end. Length of handle 75 cm. fitted in ring through 5 cm. wide material edge. dia. to sack at free end 25 cm...

Bottom Sampling Net For Biology Lab


Designed to collect creatures and vegetation from lakes or stream base. Tough metal edge net has solid material backed with metal wire mesh. Solid best ring has smoothed external edge to encourage ...

Plankton Net For Biology Lab


35" long bag made of solid bolting netting fabric suspended by muslin support and mounted on a solid wire ring dia. 12". Three interlaced solid leads fixed to swivel front. Lower end is furnished w...