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Rain Gauge Symens Standard


5" dia finish with inside polythene recipient with accuratemeasuring container made of glass. The body is made of G.I Sheetand is flawlessly painted. - (b)- - same - Superior quality andbo...

Standard Fortin's Barometer


This instrument is prescribed in a heave rhetoric to routingobservations of high exactness. Substantial walled corning glasstube and storage are bolstered and ensured by a metalcasing. Every mercur...

Direct Reading Anemometer


This Electronic Instrument whenplaced In the wind current to be measuredwill specifically perused the air speed to andaccuracy of :I: 2%. The instrumentconsists of a detecting head and an Indicator...

North Dakota Cone: 2720 (Part Xxxii)


Created by the North Dakotra Highway Department foruse with an asphalt plan strategy like thatassociated with the California Bearing Ratio Test. This test issimple and more fast than the last menti...

Load Frame, Mechanically Hand Operated (5 Tonnes)


This is a light weight yet strong load outline planned forapplication of entrance stack in research center or field CBR testson soils, balanced out soils and compressive loads in triaxialshear test...

Dames And Moor Samplet


Very helpful for inspecting cohsionless soils. Comprises of asplit tube pleasing ten thin metal apparatuses 2.5 inchdiameter, 1" high. A shoe with a solidified front line isscrewed toward ...

Cubic Decimeter


10 cm block, wooden, with printed dial, dissectable in 3 sections.

Slide Rule Linea


6" long. with directions..

Geometrical Model Kit


a) Cube, (b) Cone, (c) Sphere, (d) Cylinder, (e) SquarePrism, (f) Triangular Prism (g) Square pyramid, (h)Octahedron, (I) Hexagonal Prism in two sections, 0)Tetrahedron, (k) pentagon, (I) Equilater...

Standard Bolt


Breadth 25 mm, length 15 cm. roughly. Properlyconstructed show Is of aluminum combination, finish withwitworth nut, bolt nut and washer..

Gib & Cotter Joint


Appropriately built area cut model.

Sleeve & Cotter Joint


Legitimately developed, segment cut model

Tri Clover Leaf Cam


This legitimately built model shows rectilinear resiprocalmotion to sliding bar..

Kinematic Pairs


Distinctive writes, demonstrating sliding pair, turning pair, moving pair(two composes), screw match (two composes) circular combine, completelyconstrained movement, adapt wheels, two kinds of conn...

Slide Crank Mechanism


Following models are fitted on three diverse wooden baseboards. The system are made of aluminum and othermetallic parts. a) Reciprocating Engine Mechanism b) Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism. c) Whit...

Shaper Model


It is exceptionally intriguing to exhibit the working of a shapermachine.

Single Stage Spiral Gears


Legitimately fitted on base board

Geometrical Instrument Box Wooden


Containing compass, divider, protractor, manage, set squaresand duster on the off chance that. Utilized by instructors in classrooms fordrawing Geometrical figures on board.

Deflection of Beam Apparatus


Comprising of two blade edge end bolsters, ahanger with cut edge, and apointer moving over a graduatedscale. Finish with scale skillet andtwo bars, one 01 press and the other wood each shaft is120 ...

Blast Furnance 3


The crucial highlights of productionsequence of iron from are with utilizationof squander gases completely showed fromstudy of the model. The entire about cutway in plan and plainly marked. other t...