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Geometrical Instrument Box


Containing compass, divider, protractor, control, set squaresand duster on the off chance that. Utilized by educators in classrooms fordrawing Geometrical figures on chalkboard. Made of Polythene p...

Rigidity of Wires (Searle's Pattern)


For investigate unbending nature. Two strong andtwo empty barrels every 10 cm longaccurately fitting the drag of ahollow metal tube 4() cm long are given. The tube is alsofitted with wire hurl and ...

Young's Modulus Apparatus


For investigate inflexibility. Two strong andtwo empty barrels every 10 cm longaccurately fitting the drag of ahollow metal tube 4() cm long are given. The tube is alsofitted with wire toss and mir...

Winch Crab Double


Buy Experimental compose. Same asabove yet with twofold arrangement of equipping game plan. Without weights.

Coil Friction Apparatus


It comprises of aluminum drum and threefrictionless pulleys mounted .on woodenboard 60x75cm. in estimate. The pulleys Can befixed to give a lap of 1/4 or 3/4 fullcircumference of the drum, finish w...

Hoffman Kiln


The model Is much useful In having clear handle of thesystem, demonstrating diverse chambers, entryways, fire gaps, fluesystem, dampers, smokestack and other important provisionsto give an Idea abo...

Electric Arc Furnace 2


Shaking Bath write. This write has favorable position over thestationary ones. It allows speedy tapping, slagging, servicingand linlngrepalrs. lt is an Important model appearing for mainstructural ...

Reciprocating Pump


Unique, second hand area cutand repainted model of 18 mmdelivery pipe measure.

Model of Air Lift Pump 2


It is exceptionally intriguing model for lifting water by implies ofcompressed air provided by a compressor unit. The waterlifting gadget is finished with water reservior of 35 x 25 cm.

Francis Turbine


In this framework winding packaging coordinates waterevenly to the guide sharp edges. The model isproperly built demonstrating water Inletblades, direct, control ring, tall race etc.Complete on met...

Elevator 2


An all metlic unit is for showing the rule of ahydraulic lift. The primary chamber Is mounted vertically between2 cm steel poles connected to an overwhelming cast Iron base. Pistonsupports a stage ...

Globe Valve


Made of metal, Standard example segment cut of 50 mmsize.

Venturimeter 2


Made of cast press with firearm metal shrubs. The'ends are flanged which can be easilyconnected of pipe line. They are made of thefollowing sizes of funnels having Internaldiameter. (A) 25 ...

Orifice Meter 2


Comprises of two C.I, Flanges tapped with British standard pipethreads. Finish with sharp edge-round, square,rectangular and triangular metal opening plates. Apair of brasscocks are given to associ...

Apparatus To Determlne Losses In Pipe Line 2


Because of Sudden Enlargement, Contractlon Etc The Unit is comprising of six G.!. pipes around 3 meters in length of ostensible measurements 40, 30,25, 20, 12 and 9 mmand the seventh line of 25 mm ...

Load Frame Electrically Operated (5000 K.G.)


This unit comprises of a bureau which houses the apparatus systemand engine mounted on a strong edge press base. The loadingis done through the base stacking plate which is carried on alead screw. ...

Extractor Frame Universal-


The extractor outline has been intended to extricate specimenform relatively every sort of testing tube, shape is generaluse in soil designing research center or in the field. This has theadvantage...

A Set Of Wooden Models On Interpenetration Of Solids Of The Following


(a) Two barrels of various diameterspenetrating one another at right edges. (B) Two chambers of various diameterswith obliquepenetration. (c) A barrel joint a cone withoblique entrance. (d) Acone a...

Sliding Wedge Gear


With Straight Line Properly developed model. Finish on base board.

Tortion Apparatus Vertical Type


A steel outline mounted on overwhelming cast base with levellingscrews. Upper end of the pole under test is held in a centringchuck and the lower end is clipped into the pivot of a tortion.drum whi...