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Petrol Engine Test Rig (Morse Test) Equipment


Petroleum Engine Test Rig (Morse Test) Equipment · Engine :- Diesel motor test fix comprising of a multi chamber 4-stroke 4 barrel Diesel motor, creating around 30 H.P. at 3000 R.P.M. mo...



PID CONTROLLER FOR DC MOTOR CONTROL TRAINER KIT · Single Quadrant MOSFET chopper accommodated forward course. · MOSFET driver gave. · Op-Amp based PID Controller fo...

Servo controller kit with DC motor


Servo controller unit with DC engine We are considered among one of the main makers, exporter & provider of astounding grouping of Servo Motors. Our specialists help us to fulfill demograph...

Decade Inductance Box


We offer an extensive variety of Decade Inductance Box.These inductance confines are generally utilized different mechanical applications. These containers are utilized for estimating different dep...

Thermometer System


Thermometer System We are one of the main exporters, we offer High Performance instruments according to specialized particular and delicate prerequisites for labs, instructive establishments &a...

Decade Resistance Box


Decade obstruction box contains resistors of various qualities and two (or four) terminals, with a mechanical switch that makes an opposition of any esteem permitted by the container to be chosen u...

Decade Capacitance Box


We give brilliant research facility hardware to satisfy the prerequisite of various estimations of standard capacitance. 10 stages are alloted for each dial ,purported decade. Arrangement to limit ...

Auto Level


With theseries geo max acquaints a programmed level with the development business intended for your day by day leveling undertakings with extraordinary cost to-execution proportion. Meeting the ip5...

Auto Level 2


Auto level 28x amplification. Building Surveying Instruments Lab gear manufacturers,exporters and Engineering Surveying Instruments Lab providers

Vacuum Tube Voltmeter(VTVM)


Enhanced voltmeters for the most part have an info obstruction of 1, 10, or 20 megohms autonomous of the range chose. A vacuum tube in the speaker circuit is utilized as a part of this instrument a...

Automatic Level


a) Manufactured carefully utilizing International Standard.b) Tightly fixed development for use in any weather.c) Fast precise two-speed focusing.d) Friction-braked pivot and perpetual level drive....

Digital Level Equipment


Our extensive variety of advanced level hardware is tweaked according to the particulars of our customers. These gear are planned and created at standard different modern benchmarks and have follow...

Dumpy Levels ( Indian)


Fast setting dumpy level with erect picture, 20x amplification, in plastic conveying case. Length case. Length 225mm/175mm. Finish with wooden or aluminum collapsing tripod. Pivot made up of alumin...

Output Power meter


Powermeter works in blend with sensors of various sorts (CW, normal and pinnacle and normal), with an extensive variety of recurrence and power, to gauge the energy of microwave and RF signals. The...

LCR Q meter


LCR meter is utilized to quantify Induc-tance,capacitance and opposition of an electronic component.An LCR meter is accessible in various recurrence ranges . 


Engineers Dupy Level


We offer specialists dupy level having bubble game plan. Therevarious properties of these levels.. Building Surveying Instruments Lab hardware manufacturers,exporters and Engineering Surveying Inst...

Leveling Staff


Our scope of leveling staff is modified according to the determinations of our customers. We produce an accuracy designed range while making utilization of high review crude material.&Specifica...

CBR Apparatus, Complete With Accessories


Capacity:5000kgs, 150 mm Diameter x 175mm High, Extension neckline 50mm, Rammer4.89kg weight with drop of 450 mm. Research facility Equipment for Mining And Geosciences Lab gear manufacturers,expor...

Core Splitter (Hydraulic)


4” dia x 10” center acknowledged: length: up to 155cm; breadth: 5-15cmliner cutting component: standard snared utility blade sharp edges with the choice of1smmrp offer archive p...

Core Splitter (Manual)


2-7/8” dia x 3-3/4” long center split center the long way for study and examination handles center widths from 0. 75” to2. 875” and lengths up to 3. 75&r...