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CFL Phototherapy Unit


CFL Provides the light force of 18 pw/cm2/nm (approx) at 45cm from Baby bunk. Decision of 6 Blue or 4 Blue + 2 white CFL lights for treatment and review. Stature 120 cm to 160 cm from the base. Hea...

Phototherapy Unit Double Surface


In the new conceived period i.e birth to one month, jaundice can represent a significant issue, since abnormal state of the billirubin can for all time harm the mind. This roundabout billirubin, wh...

Emergency Trolley


General Size W 720mm x D 650mm x H 1600mm 6 Drawer Modular framework upper two drawers with prescription holders; pre-treated and epoxy powder covered. 6 Detachable plastic receptacles 2 confines f...

Drug Trolley


General Size (A) W 490 mm x D 580 mm x H 1040 mm 4 Trays and 100 mm dia wheels Overall Size (B) W 355 mm x D 480 mm x H 665 mm 3 Trays and 50 mm dia wheels Both sizes accessible in full tempered st...

Tiana C-PAP / Resto Health


Restohealthis a one of a kind framework that can convey high streams of Air or Oxygen going from 1 to 15 LPM.Clinical considers have demonstrated the helpfulness of high stream of gases when warmed...

Oxygen Hood


Oxygen Hood

Baby Trolley


General SizeW 390 mm x D 800 mm x H 1080 mm Stainless steel plate in head low position 3 cabinet particular framework Top with drug compartments Adjustable I.V. pole light game plan Bottom plate fo...

Resuscitation Unit


The controller depends on Micro automated framework. Servo and Manual Modes. Individual test framework gave Large splendid presentations are anything but difficult to screen and for review from a s...

Oxygen Trolley


A) Pull Type with three wheels of 50 mm dia. B) Push write with two wheels of 100 mm dia..

Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes - Golden


Sharp edges made of tempered steel. High effect plastic case - for simplicity of transport. Fiber optic laryngoscopes – brilliant finish sets of most prevalent laryngoscope sharp edges. Medium ha...

Otoscope & Ophthalmascope Set


Chrome covered nasal Speculum: chromed. Two laryngeal mirrors: Bent-arm illuminator: Reusable specula 2, 3, and 4Mm. Included. Chromed battery handle For 2 c. The widespread E.n.t indicative set is...

Conventional Laryngoscopes


Cutting edges made of 303/304Surgical hardened steel. High effect plastic case For simplicity of transport. Finish sets of most well known laryngoscope Blades. Medium handle &two additional lig...

Universal E.N.T Diagnostic Set


Chromed nasal Speculum: chrome covered. Two laryngeal mirrors: Bent-arm illuminator: Reusable specula 2, 3, and 4Mm. Included. Chromed battery handle For 2 c. The widespread E.n.t demonstrative set...

Conventional Laryngoscope Miller Style


Traditional light framework Miller style Laryngoscope set – 4 Blades, 1 every one of mill operator No. 0, 1, 2 and 3 and "c" type Handle, high effect Plastic case - for simplicity of Transport. F...

Professional ENT Otoscope Opthalmoscope Diagnostic Sets


Otoscope head: stick Contact fitting. Settled Lens 4x in plastic mount May be expelled for Introduction of Instruments. Reusable Specula 2, 3, and 4 mm.Included. Association for Pneumatic otoscopy....

Optical Fiber Laryngoscope


Optical fiber Laryngoscopes cutting edges &Kits provided with chromed handle. High effect Plastic case - for simplicity of transport. Finish sets of most famous Laryngoscope edges

Small Diagnostic Set


Blade reaching fitting Regular plastic Containing one 2.5v globule Otoscope 3 ear specula (2.5,3.5 and 4.5mm) one Ophthalmoscope 1 twist Arm throat light, 2 Laryngeals mirrors (estimate 4& 5) t...

Mini Fiber Optic Otoscope


2.5 v small scale fiber optic light. Otoscope head: stick contact Fitting. Settled focal point 4x in Plastic mount might be Removed for presentation of instruments. Plastic tube With 7 ear expendab...

Reister Otoscope - Conventional


2, 5 v. Standard Illumination. Chrome covered handle, 4 amplifying glasses. Reusable specula 2, 3, and 4Mm. Included. Association For pneumatic otos-duplicate. Battery handles for 2 batteries. Rheo...