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duster White cotton .Size , length x width , 400 mm x 300 mm . Provided in packs of 12 sheets/pack.

Iron Nails


press nails Made of steel, estimating measurement x length , 4 mm x 25 mm , Supplied in a container, 50 sticks/box.

Wooden Blocks


wooden pieces Made of wood , estimating length x tallness x width , 150 mm x 110 mm x 50 mm.

Copper Block


copper piece Made of unadulterated copper is rosy dark colored . Estimating the length x tallness x width , 100 mm x 100 mm x 4 mm.

Brass Block


metal square Made of metal . Estimating the length x stature x width , 100 mm x 100 mm x 4 mm.

Red Beads Perforated


Red dots, punctured Made of hard plastic in red. Ball estimating a distance across of 1 cm width and focus opening size 12:15 cm. Provided in a pack of 100 dots/pack.

White beads perforated


White dabs, punctured Made of hard plastic in white. Ball estimating a measurement of 1 cm distance across and focus opening size 12:15 cm. Provided in a pack of 100 dabs/pack.

Burette Made


Burette Made of plastic material that is solid yet lightweight . Can hold two burette in the meantime . Appended to the pole counter feet.

metal tongs


metal tongs Made of hardened steel straight - molded , ridged side of the jaw . General length 150 mm estimating tongs .

carbon rod


carbon pole. Estimating the width x length , 3 mm - 5 mm x 800 mm - 1000 mm . Provided in packs of 50 sticks/pack .

burning boat


consuming watercraft Made of porcelain with holder , coated on the all around, aside from the site . Estimating the length x width x stature , 60 mm x 10 mm x 6 mm.

Spoon gas jar


Spoon gas jostle Steel bar with a spoon , bar length 320 mm , fitted with a stopper and aluminum shake top , a measurement of 90 mm.

Tin copper


Tin copper Made of copper , tube shaped . Holder volume limit of 250 ml - 300 mm.

Gas jars and lids


Gas jugs and tops Made of clear glass .Cylindrical , thick - bottomed edge with a glass cover berasah . Estimating tallness x distance across , 200 mm x 50 mm.

condenser Leibig


condenser Leibig Made of borosilicate glass . Tube joined to the external coat . Straight - molded , estimating 400 mm long coat . The general length estimating 590 mm.

lighting spirits


lighting spirits Burners hidden glass , with a wick and wick holder porcelain. High estimating 60 mm - 80 mm . Limit of 100 ml ..



pots made of coated porcelain all around . The volume of 50 ml , estimating the measurement of 70 mm , tallness 28 mm

plate evaporator


plate evaporator Made from the finest quality porcelain clear , inward , estimating the breadth of 50 mm - 80 mm.

plate glass 2


reinforced glass Made of glass . Estimating the length x width x thickness , 1500 mm x 100 mm x 5 mm .



Faceguard Curved straightforward polycarbonate shield to the side of the face, isn't combustible . Finish with rope mudahsuai .