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Rectangular Foil compose strain measure sensor – 350 ohm Bonded on an adaptable metal strip and associated in wheat stone scaffold arrangement. 

On board Power supply of +5V...



Office To Test Different Teperature Sensors Lm35,Rtd,Thermistor and Thermocouple 

Sensors Plug And Play Facility Using Input Banana Sockets 

Test Points ...

Callendar & Griffiths Bridge Senior


An arrangement of terminals for Ballistic Galv condenser and Plug enter in arrangement with 20-M-OHM obstruction. Two way key is accommodated charging the condenser and releasing through opposition...

Model of Human Kidney


Model of Human Kidney howcasing the full outside and kidneys, in 3D. Made of delicate plastic , twofold the measure of the real size of the human kidney . Can be evacuated and reinstalled .Manual i...

Model of Human Heart


Model of Human Heart model of human heart broadened to demonstrate separable auricle and ventricle , mitral valve , and a valve in sickle blood . Made of hard plastic raised on the site of the leng...

Kelvin Double Bridge


Standard Resistance in ventures of 0.01 ohm in arrangement with a calibratedslidewirs 

100 divisions equivalent to 0.01, ohms Rotary compose multiplier switch 0.01, 


Human Skin Model


Human Skin Model 3D display . Made of plastic fortified by glass filaments. Some portion of the skin was raised ;shaded ; Labeled in English and Bahasa Malaysia with English key sheet . Estimating ...

Model Meiosis


Demonstrate Meiosis finish display is marked in English and Bahasa Malaysia and shaded . Models must exhibit each phase of meiosis in : ( I ) plant cell ( ii ) creature cells ( iii ) of the model i...

Model Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)


Display Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) indicating parts that can be gathered to demonstrate the structure of DNA , in 3D. Produced using substantial and little dots to speak to the holding and DNA ato...

Kohiraush Conductive Bridge


For coordinate estimation of electrolytic opposition or thick estimations of D.C obstruction. Slide wire encased adjusted to peruse 01 to 10on Circular Scale. In conjunction with multiplier handle ...

Portable Wheatstone Bridge


This scaffold is completely compact with an inherent touchy Galvanometer and a dry battery. The scaffold is amazingly valuable for obstruction estimations with a reasonable level of accuracy. ...

Faraday'S Plate


Faraday&#39;S Plate Science Labs This is a lightning plate utilized for electrostatic showing. Exhibits how an electric release will take after the way of obstruction. Despite the fact that it ...

Models Arm


Models Arm 3D display . Show sleeves made of fiberglass and can be reinstalled . Inexact size: length x width x tallness , 700 cm x 300 cm x 100 cm. Marked in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Model Urinary System


Show Urinary System right kidney demonstrate with adrenal organ , typical size . Be dismantled into two sections and joined to the site . Estimated measure length x width x tallness , 500 cm x 300 ...

Modeling Human Vertebrate


Displaying Human Vertebrate segment demonstrate 3 - dimensional model of human vertebrate section made of plastic fortified with fiberglass. Can be reinstalled . Rough size length x width x tallnes...

Precision Projection Electroscope


Accuracy Projection Electroscope Science Labs View Experiment Results on a Screen or in a gathering Project your estimations onto a screen for an expansive gathering to see with this well-made elec...

Model Neurons


Demonstrate Neurons display l demonstrates a run of the mill neuron cell dendrites , myelin covering , Schwann cells , lymph Ranvier . In 3D. Made of plastic and fortified with glass fiber, joined ...

Model of Human Brain


Model of Human Brain the model can be weaned into eight sections , in 3D. Appended to the site estimating length x width x stature , 140 cm x 160 cm x 140 cm, manual in Bahasa Malaysia and English,...

Pitch Balls


Pitch Balls Science Labs Used to identify electrostatic charge Available in plain or appended to a light string around 22 cm long. Covered substance balls and circles have light conductive covering...

Braun Electroscope


Braun Electroscope Science Labs This rough, delicate electroscope can acknowledge different assistants to change its capacitance. Delicate aluminum vane is adjusted in a vertical position on a meta...