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Zoology Models ( Fibre Glass Model)


1. Creature cell 14x10 2. Single adaptable cell 14x10 3. Paramecium 14x10 4. Hydra 16x12 5. Frog Digestive framework 16x12 6. Frog Arterial framework 16x12 7. Frog Venous framework 16x12 8. Frog ma...

Active Response Apparatus


The Active Response Apparatus is an imperative instrument for measure of medications on advancement Toxicity, Psychotoxicity Descriminating Capacity and other dynamic reactions in rodent..

Audiogenic Test Chamber


Sort BZ:- The Audiogenic Test Chamber BZ with Buzzer and Timer gives sound-related boost to assessment of startle and different reactions of rats jolt. The Auditory boost of around 110 db. It is cr...

Electric Bed


General Size 2300mm X 980 mm X 475mm Height 475 mm to 745 mm change Backrest development 80o Trendelenburg development 12o Collapsible railings Buffers at four corners All four developments worked ...

Foam Mattress Plain


Estimate Foam Mattress Plain, thickness 4" (10cm) Foam Mattress Plain, thickness 5" (12cm.

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