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Model, Animal Meiosis


Lighting up perspectives of the complexities of meiosis, these twelve cell models give an exact take a gander at the eight customary phases of creature meiosis, while graphically representing signi...

Model, Plant Mitosis


Demonstrating mitosis arranges in plant cell.This model will help clear up and give an ideal visual comparsion of these two key cell processes.This display recognizes the piece of the cell stages f...

Model, Plant Meiosis


Outlines how the right number of chromosomes is kept up from age to age. 

Set of 16 models graphically portrays plant meiosis from interphase to the...

Microscope Slide, Frosted


Magnifying lens glass slides are intended to meet fluctuated organic lab needs and to meet the business prerequisites of different looking into foundations. 

Highlights: ...

Microscope Slide Box, Plastic


For putting away standard (l x w), 75 x 25mm magnifying lens slides in separately numbered grooves. Fantastic Plastic 

Accessible with 25, 50 and 100 Slides 

Hydraulic Press


The pressure driven press is small model of gadget equipped for producing colossal lifting and moving force with substantial limit. 

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Hydrometers is a gadget to quantify relative thickness of fluids, for example, Grease, oil and so on. To test the thickness of a fluid, we utilize a long glass jolt. The container is loaded with fl...

Hygrometer Wet & Dry


Two thermometers mounted on scales - 10 to 50°C and - 20 to 120°F, with water compartment for one thermometer. Finish with relative moistness table. 

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Microscope Slide Box, Wooden


icroscope Slide Box, Wooden kick the bucket shaped, minimized, to hold slides 75x25 mm, vertically in pre-numbered grooves, gave file card. 

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Molecular Model Set (Diamond/Graphite/Sodium Chloride)


These Molecular Model sets contain diverse shaded jacks (Red, Black and white) and connectors (long and short) in a recommended number to be consolidated in a represented method to frame structures...

Hygrometer with Temperature, Digital


Advanced Temperature Hygrometer shows Current temperature, relative dampness, and current time - at the same time on a substantial LCD show. The unit additionally, offers the present Date and Month...

Dynamo (AC/DC) Motor Working Model


Demonstrate the transformation of mechanical vitality into electric vitality and guideline of working of straightforward AC and DC Dynamo. This model uses the fundamental gathering as the engine, y...

Mortor & Pestle


These Sets are made of Porcelain. They are coated outside. Their base and inside is unglazed. These Sets likewise have Porcelain Pestle which is unglazed till crushing surface. The Pestle is larger...



Exceptionally valuable gadget equipped for estimating voltage current, obstruction and different other electric and electronic parameters. Economy Student Model. 

A quality it...

Foil, Metal (Zinc/Copper/Lead)


These Metal foils are principally created for use in Laboratory to perform tests utilizing these metals. 

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Magdenburg Hemisphere


For the exhibition of the power applied because of pneumatic force on a cleared body. Comprises of two cast metal sides of the equator with handles, machined for accuracy coordinating. One side of ...

Magnesium Ribbon


Consuming magnesium strip is a standard secondary school science lab exhibit, to demonstrate that metals can consume. Comes in standard pack of 25 grams in type of moved loop fitting for consuming....

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate


Attractive stirrer with hot plate. It accompanies temperature controller. It is likewise reasonable for blending upto 2 liter or 5 liter volumes. Most extreme speed 1200 rpm with variable speed con...

Magnets Bar, Chrome Steel


Chrome Steel magnets of direct quality, with manager. North shaft is stamped. 

Provided in Pairs. Accessible in various sizes 

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Magnets Bar Alnico (Strong)


Alnico magnets of unrivaled quality with managers. It has solid enduring force. 

Provided in Pairs. Accessible in various sizes. 

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