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Thermometers Mercury - Yellow Backed, -10 to 50°C


Wet and Dry Thermometer - Masons


Wet and Dry Thermometer - Masons, Zeal Type


Wall mounted thermometer,Zeal Type,

Zeal Type,Wet and Dry Thermometer - Masons

Jockey Knife Edge For Physics Lab


For Wheatstone Bridge & Potentiometers. Metal knife edge mounted in plastic handle, 90 mm long x 12 mm dia with terminal at the upper end

Knife Switch Double For Physics Lab


Double Pole Double Throw, placed on a bakelite base with screw holes for bench fixing etc. Overall Dimensions 100 x 15 x 30 mm

Knife Switch Single For Physics Lab


Single pole double throw mounted on bakelite base with plated spring metal contacts and screw connectors

Lampholder For Physics Lab


Suitable for mounting screw threaded type MES bulb. Round base with holes for screw mounting

Lampholder Mounted For Physics Lab


Double contact type lamp holder made of brass placed on insulated plastic base with 4mm socket terminals

Leads For Physics Lab


Insulated, PVC coated, with one end crocodile clip and at the other end banana plug.

Meter - Digital Panel Meter For Physics Lab


Digital Meter for general purpose laboratory uses housed in tough case use of a 3½ digit cover most of the ranges. Displays 13 mm characters; operates on mains with accuracy ± 0.3% typical. Linea...

Meter - Dual Scale Ammeter For Physics Lab


With three color-coded 4 mm socket terminals & zero adjustments. Normal internal resistance 0.05 & 0.1 ohms. Available up to 3A.

Meter - Dual Scale Voltmeter For Physics Lab


Meter - Dual Scale Voltmeter with three color-coded 4 mm socket terminals & zero adjustments.  Available up to 15 V.

Meter - Dual Sensitivity Micrometer For Physics Lab


Meter - Dual Sensitivity Micrometer with 2  color-coded 4 mm socket terminals Available in ranges from ranges upto 50µA

BP - Algae Collection


It has four main classes of algae:brown,green, and red algae, blue-green.

BP - Ascaris Male & Female


BP - Ascaris Male & Female

Meter - Moving Coil Ammeter For Physics Lab


Moving coil for D.C. measurements, Any single range 0-1, 1.5, 3, 5, 10 Amps.

Meter - Moving Coil Galvanometer For Physics Lab


Moving coil type for DC use only. Sensitivity approx. 200mA/division, coil resistance 10W scale, 50 mm, along with anti - parallax mirror, is set at a convenient reading angle in the plastic case w...

Chick Embryos - 4 days


Chick Embryos - 4 days