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DNA Structure Model, Simulation Kit


Includes 6 kinds of pieces representing the different parts of DNA structure. An excellent kit for one or two student to build a double helix of DNA, and to learn...

Protein Structure Model


Tall 68.50 cm. An atriculated model to show the double helix of DNA structure. Includes 15 base pairs to show one and half helix. All components are identified by...

Head And Neck Model, Horizontal Shears


Size : 19.5x16.5x24 cms.

Human Brain Model in Head type 2


This model shows the head with brain divided into three parts and brain is divided into 2 parts to shows the important parts of skull and cranial nerves etc. Moun...

Human Brain Model, 2 Parts


This 2 part brain is divided into the right half and left half. Life-size. On stand, Appropriately coloured and numbered with key card. Also available on base on ...

Human Brain Model, 4 Parts


This 4 part brain is medially divided into, the right half which is further divided into frontal with parental lobes. The brain stem with two part, temporal and o...

Human Brain Model, 8 Parts


This medially divided brain model shows the brain as well as frontal with parietal lobes, temporal with occipital lobes, half of brain stem, half of cerabellum. O...

Human Brain Model with Arteries, PVC, 8 Parts


Made of PVC plastic.Dissectible into 8 parts. On base.Natural size:18.5 × 14 × 13.5cm.Facilitates a correct understanding of the features of the brain and its a...

Human Brain Model, Plastic, 3 Parts


Life size. Dissectible into 3 parts. Size(cm):17x17x13

Neuron Model


This model showing neuron structure medulated nerve fibre, axon, myelin sheath and nodes of ranvier etc. It is 2500 times larger then the original size. Mounted o...

Human Spinal Cord Model


This model shows the central nervous system containing two sets of model. The spinal cord contains white and grey matter, sulci, ganglion and fissures. The model ...

Human Head and Neck Model


The model of human head and neck showing the all internal organs like median section of brain, nose, mouth and pharynx, larynx and vertebral column of the neck. M...

Human Head Model with Muscles


The model showing the muscles of face. Also explain the right and left side, separate to reveal the major muscles, nerves and vessels of the human face. The eyeba...

Human Head Model type 2


This head model is divided into 6 parts to ensures the features of half brain with artries. The eyeball with optic nerve is also removable and one side exposes th...

Human Head Model, Median and Frontal Section


The frontal section runs through mouth & nose cavity and both orbits. It explains the structure of the human head with natural size. Mounted on a base, approp...

Human Brain Stem


About 3 times of life size. The base segment of the 12 pair of brain nerve are shown in yellow. Size(cm): 27x20x14

Media Section Of The Head


This model shows all relevant structures in great details. Size(cm): 19x18x6

Model Of Human Cranial Cavity Head, Neck And Thorax


Size(cm): 38x30x42

Human Nose Model on Stand


This enlarged model that shows structure of the nose Mounted on stand, appropriately coloured and numbered with keycard.

Human Nose Model on Base


This enlarged model that shows structure of the nose Mounted on base, appropriately coloured and numbered with keycard