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Ultrasonic Testing


Ultrasonic Testing Ultrasonic staged cluster imperfection finder Configuration 16:64 (16 pulser/beneficiaries, driving up to 64 components) Transducer Socket: I-PEX Pulse Voltage: - 50 V to 100V (i...

NDT Hardness tester


NDT Hardness analyzer Motorized test : Hardness Test Block (HRC55) Probe Cable - 1.5m AC Adaptor - 100V to 240V Battery Charger Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery.

NDT Coating Inspection


NDT Coating Inspection Test voltages – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kV standard, minor departure from ask for Pulse recurrence – 30 Hz ostensible Power supply – 12V 3.8 AH. Lead ...

Visual inspection


Visual examination CMOS Image Sensor Tip (inclusion tube) distance across: 5.5mm Insertion tube length: 1M ~ 30M Frame rate: ~ 30 fps S/N proportion: 42dB Exposure: Automatic White adjust: Fix Fiel...

Welding Inspectors Tool Kit


Welding Inspectors Tool Kit V-WAC Gage* Filet Weld WTPS Gage Bridge Cam Single Purpose* 6" Starrett Scale* Telescoping Mirror Micrometer w/Ball* Hi-Lo Gage Skew-T Filet Weld w/Calc AWS Typ...

Dye penetrant


Color penetranttesting Full scope of Products Penetrant Inspection Red Dye Penetrant Sensitivity 2 - fit in with EN ISO 3452-2 Water launderable or dissolvable removable Penetrant Remover Agent tha...

Magnetic particle inspection


Attractive molecule inspectionFull Conform to EN ISO 9934-2 and AMS 2641 High fluorescence and improved granulometry Black Magnetic Ink Conform to EN ISO 9934-2 and AMS 3043 Optimized granulometry ...



XRF nstrument:PanalyticalPW2404 wavelength-dispersive successive X-beam spectrometer. Robotized Sample changer:PanalyticalPW2540 VRC 168-position X-Y test changer. X-beam Tube: 3kW Rh-anode, end-wi...

Transmission Electron Microscope


Transmission Electron Microscope A field emanation electron magnifying lens that gives full play to high-determination imaging, as well as nanoarea examination. Furnished with a 300 kV FEG and an i...

Metallurgical Microscope


Metallurgical Microscope

Electrochemical machining


Electrochemical machining (ECM) Machine Beige polypropylene, one piece with get to boards. Lift up observe through entryways, working Start/Stop. 2x2000A 0-20 Volts. Over-current & Short Ci...



XRD made out of X-beam generator, estimation framework for edge, Water cooling framework and figured controller. Controlling the entire XRD and testing the example is controlled by PC programming, ...

Automated Micro Hardness Testing Machine


Computerized Micro Hardness Testing Machine Range of uses including Micro Vickers and Knoop. Powers from 10 to 2000gf. Vickers and Knoop indenters at the same time. Fitting up to four target focal ...

Wire EDM


Wire EDM Control (Manual or CNC):CNC X-Axis Travel: 13.758 "/349.5 mm Y-Axis Travel: 11.792 "/299.5 mm Z-Axis Travel: 5.896 "/149.8 mm .

Electro - Chemical Metal Etching Machine

Electro - Chemical Metal Etching Machine

The semi-automatic electrochemical copying-broaching device


The self-loader electrochemical duplicating introducing gadget The self-loader electrochemical replicating proposing gadget is intended for shapig in the work parts from basic, instrumental, erosio...

polythene bags


polythene sacks Made of dark plastic . Utilized for sowing seedlings . Estimating length x width , 25 cm x 15 cm. Provided in packs of 100 pieces/pack ..

surgical scissors


careful scissors Made of tempered steel sharp-looked at , straight , length 125 mm . Appraisals point scissors estimating length of 35 mm - 40 mm ..

wire gauze


wire bandage Made of steel, molded square . Estimating length x width , 125 mm x 125 mm . Having earthenware fibercenter in the center - measured roundabout breadth of 70 mm - 90 mm ..