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Stool Container


Material: Polypropylene 

These compartments as the name suggestes, are accustomed to gathering feces tests. 

The top is given a spoon like structure that...

Stool Container, New Design


Material: Polypropylene 

Notwithstanding the scope of existing example compartments, this stool holder has the remarkable element of one piece shaped top spoon blend.

Sample Container (Press & Fit Type)


Material: Polypropylene 

Made of polypropylene these expendable holders are utilized for gathering tests of sputum or pee etc.Graduated on the external surface these compartme...

Medicine Cup

C -0053

Material: Polypropylene 

These straightforward polypropylene mugs can be utilized to gauge diverse volumes of meds to be administered.The inbuilt graduation make estimating si...

Hitachi cup


Made of Polystyrene 

Capacity: 2 ml 

Diameter: 12.5 mm

Biohazards Waste Container


Utilized for sheltered and productive transfer of biohazard material or irresistible waste. These compartments are autoclavable and are accessible in various applications. Withstands autoclaving an...

Autoclavable Disposal Bags


These packs are made of PE. Essentially utilized for transfer of Biohazard squander and can be utilized for autoclaving objects in spare and proficient way. Perfect for autoclaving creature confine...

Sterile Sample Container 100ml, Sterile individual pack.



PCR Tubes


Level top PCR tubes are fabricated from astounding virgin polypropylene and have thin uniform divider for productive warm exchange. These PCR tubes are intended for ideal execution.

Micro Test Plates


Material: Polystyrene 

Poly ELISA/ASSAY plates are made of optically clear, non lethal polystyrene.These plates with 96 U base or level base wells bear alpha numeric index.Uni...

PCR Tube Strip


PCR Strips are fabricated from amazing virgin polypropylene and have thin uniform divider for effective warm exchange. These PCR Strips are intended for ideal PCR execution.

PCR Plate


PCR Plates are shaped from brilliant virgin polypropylene in 96 well arrangement. The thin divider V-base outline gives quick and proficient warm exchange to each example. These PCR Strips are good...

PCR Rack with Cover


PCR Rack is perfect workbench and capacity alternative for pre and post PCR application. These racks can hold singular tubes, 8/12 PCR strips and furthermore 96 well plates (non-avoided)

ELISA Plates


These plates are suited for ELISA verifies efficent in restricting tests. These plates are free from considerations so to give ideal outcomes and are accessible in 2 restricting examines high and m...

Deep Multi Well Plates


Profound Multi Well Plates are fabricated from top notch virgin polypropylene and is astounding for test stockpiling. These plates are synthetic impervious to wide assortment of concoction and is g...

Syringe Filters


Syringe Filters are perfect for effective filtration of fluid and natural arrangements and is broadly utilized for applications in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, horticultural, ecological research ...

Transport Swab Sticks, PP


Material: Polypropylene

Ria Vial


Material: Polyrpopylene/Polystyrene 

These Polypropylene/Polstyrene tubes are for the most part utilized as a part of RIA Coagulation and bacteriology. The Polypropylene tubes are...

PCR Tube Rack


Material: Polycarbonate/Polypropylene This rack is for 96 PCR containers of 0.2ml, as the name recommends, is utilized for keeping PCR tubes. Top and base of this rack are made of extreme and strai...

Soft Loop Sterile


Material: Polystyrene 

This non dangerous expendable circle is exact to semi quantitativeRead More-->