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Deep Well Turbine Pump 2


This is a working model mounted on cast Iron base. Turbinepump is fitted at the base and 220 volts A.C. engine at thetop. Finish with rope &plug..

Radial Turbine Pump


Lt is an all metallic appropriately built model. the impeller Issurrounded by various stationary vanes. One side iscovered with plexi glass indicating interior points of interest, Completemounted o...

Hydraulic Non Return Valve


Metal, Casted Standard Pattern area cut of 50 mmsize.

Hook Gauge


It is made of all metal. Perusing are taken scale andvernier. The vernier is mounted on a slide which isadjustable to peruse upto 0.1 mm. For coarseadjustment a screw Is given at the back of thesli...

Determination of Critical Velocity


Containing 5 G. l. channels each3 meter long having diameters12,20, 25,40 and 50 mm andeach having two cockerels to be associated with a manometer. Thewhole out fit Is mounted Jon two U molded stee...

Portable Wind Vane


Avery touchy and recently outlined little size unit which canbe effortlessly taken anyplace in open to discover wind course, withaluminium vane and counterpoise weight uninhibitedly turning oncast ...

Robinson's Cup Anemometer (With Flash Light Unit)


The unit comprises three pivoting cupsmounted on finishes of three armssupported as the highest point of a vertical shaftwhich turns with next to no erosion. Theassembly is mounted on a metal basew...

Recording Thermograph


For precisely estimating and recordingroom temperature by methods for pen on printed graph. Outline might be held asrecord. Comprises of bimetallic loop of non-rusting material uncovered toatmosphe...

Internal Gear Pinion Drive


Finish fitted on base board.

Gyroscope With Counter Poise


The roundabout casing has anaccurately focused haggle balance. The framework is held in burden inwhich it rotates uninhibitedly about a flat axis.The burden is upheld by a bar which turnsabout a ve...

Geared Jib Crane


Firmly constructed outline mounted on a substantial case press basecomprising of single and twofold wheels. The apparatuses aremachine cut and the jib is 1.2 meter high and decreased at bothends, t...

Working Model of Screw Conveyor


In this appropriately outlined model a spinning screws drivesmaterial starting with one level then onto the next ceaselessly. The unit isconstructed of metal, and hard wood parts and Is fitted with...

Worklng Model Of Bulldozer


The working model of a bulldozerconsists of a, primary body In whichthe engine and rigging box arehoused. It has four wheels withchain belts, the scrubber edge is mounted near the front ofthe colle...

Model Of Ammonia Ice Plant


Involving wooden and metallic parts, Compressor, Coils,Condenser, Ice tank, low and high weight measures..



This model of softening unit gives an illustrative andvivid picture for the understudies to have an Intelligentgrasp of the procedure. The different Important partssuch as impact pipe tuyere, tappi...

Archemedlan Screw


Alow lift however nonstop stream uprooting pump" All metallicmodel, finish with water supply fitted on wooden base

Radial Turbine Pump 2


Lt is an all metallic appropriately built model. the impeller Issurrounded by various stationary vanes. One side iscovered with plexi glass demonstrating inner points of interest, Completemounted o...

Hydraulic Press Model 2


Extremely unrivaled with cast metallic parts, real working modelfitted on metal base.

Different Impellers Of Pumps And Turbine 2


Each modelmounted on a durable board with terminology. Size of board Is around 70x85 cm (a) Mixed low sprinter cast aluminum around 180 mmin dia. (b) Axial stream sprinter cast aluminum abuot 180 m...

Determination Of Cd, Cv And Cc Orifices 2


Overhead tank 45x45x120 cms high isstrongly made in steel sheet and edge ironframe with isolating funnel, measure 'glass andscale graduated In cms and liters, deplete cockand flood. The tan...