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Circulatory Water Bath


Three models as indicated by shower volume (5L, 10L, 20L) and temperature go from surrounding +5 above encompassing to 100°C PID chip controller (contact cushion write) accomplishes precise temper...

Metabolic Shaker Water Bath


The shower has a swaying plate riding on ball rollers wavered through an equipped variable speed engine. Warming is accomplished through a submersion compose radiator and the temperature is control...

Clean Room Oven


These hardware are composed particularly for clean room activity and are accessible in various sizes and setups to meet particular temperature and cycle necessities. In addition they have extensive...

Soft Wall Clean Room


These gear are utilized for diminishing or dispensing with sub-micron airborne pollution and can be utilized to meet particular clean room prerequisites. These perfect rooms with delicate dividers ...

Hard Wall Clean Room


They have secluded hard divider boards that are lightweight and simple to clean and are created with 304 tempered steel and aluminum expulsions incorporated for better strength.These types of gear ...

Micro Clean Room


They are convenient, lightweight and are designed to convey enduring execution. These types of gear are extraordinarily intended for extensive variety of clean room smaller scale cleaning services....

Hot Air Oven (Universal)


A twofold walled unit with external body made of Mild Steel Sheet treated for degreasing and rust sealing properly powder covered and inward chamber made of Stainless Steel Sheet (304 Grade) and mo...

Tray Drying Oven


A twofold walled unit mounted on a durable edge press outline. Internal and external made of overwhelming MS sheet with external properly hammertone painted and inward with high temperature aluminu...

Industrial Drying Oven


Fundamental constructional points of interest are same as RT-155, yet provided without plate. 

Discretionary Accessories : 

Plate of Aluminum

Vaccum Ovens


These are twofold walled units with external made of MS Sheet appropriately epoxy powder covered and inward made up of overwhelming check Sheet (304 Grade) and SS Lid. Space between internal chambe...

Bacteriological Incubator


A twofold walled unit with external body made of MS sheet treated for degreasing and rust sealing appropriately powder covered and internal chamber made of Stainless Steel (304 Grade) sheet. Furnis...

Orbital Shaking Incubator


External Body made of MS Sheet properly powder covered. Internal chamber made of Stainless Steel Sheet (304 Grade). Twofold walled entryway with a straightforward transparent plexi glass window. Va...

Industrial Furnace (Grooved Type)


Light weight with earthenware fiber fleece protection. The external packaging is made of twofold walled thick MS Sheet, appropriately painted. Chamber is made of Grooved Refractory for supporting t...

Carbon Di Oxide Incubator


Carbon Di Oxide Incubator CO2 hatcheries give ideal conditions to develop and keep up cell societies. A minimized electronic dehumidifier and a warm conductivity CO2 sensor create a high-accuracy C...

Industrial Ovens


Mechanical Ovens We make our unrivaled scope of modern broilers, which are uniquely planned and manufactured for mechanical reason to suit different I.S. Guidelines application in the differing fie...

Laboratory Ovens


Research center Ovens Our High Temperature Laboratory Ovens are planned and made to suit different I.S. ,; A.S.T.M. gauges application in the developing field of Medical, Agricultural, Industrial, ...

Egg Incubator Kit


Egg hatchery whole development is of unadulterated aluminum/hardened steel with inside anodized. Outside completed in maneuvered white lacquer, 65 mm glass fleece protection. Entryway full view two...

Bottle Coolers


We are occupied with giving a far reaching cluster of Bottle Coolers. These are reasonable for business utilization to cool wine and soda pop containers. The item gives compelling cooling, expends ...

Cold Room


We offer a wide assortment of icy room, which is a standard safeguarding chambers worked for cooling activities. These are well outline by encounter individual from our master group by utilizing br...

Flame Photometer, Digital, Single Channel


Fire Photometer Unit 

No. of Filters: Na and K (Ca and Li are discretionary. Just accessible if determined at an additional cost)