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Spare Bulb


The Spare Halogen Bulbs for task theater lights can be provided in various power goes according to prerequisite.

Examination And Diagnostic Set (ENT SET)


Notable Features Scratchless, smooth and fantastically suited to reason. Top quality instruments yet practical. The decision of 'C' or 'D' handles. Provided with one...

B.P. Appratus Mercury


Manual Blood Pressure Monitor(B.P. Appratus Mercury) - Traditional work area inconsistent sphygmomanometer in the aluminum painted case with self Locking gadget, with grown-up Velcro sleeve and met...

Tongue Depressor


Accessible in three distinct sizes, the need tongue depressor for youngsters, youths and grown-ups are accessible in 13mm wide, 19mm wide and 22mm wide separately..

Doctors Stethoscope


Specialists Stethoscope - Offers acoustical greatness in a customary outline, It s Innovative element That guarantee it is viewed as a standout amongst the most refreshing cardiology stethoscope on...

Magnifying lens


Amplifying focal point best quality substantial and thick glass fitted with metal chromed outline, handle accommodated the client..

Streak Retinoscopes


Our Streak Retinoscopes Features : Separate control for Beam alteration and Streak pivot 360 Degree Beam acclimations to Divergent, Parallel and Convergent. Extensive Semi-Reflector obstruction Mir...

Fiber Optic Cable


Determination: Highly Flexible relatively Unbreakable Fiber Bundles. Quartz glass Fibers for best light transmission and common tissue shading. Smooth external Silicon tube and internal Stainless S...

Fibre Optic Head Light


Determination: State-of-craftsmanship numerous covered framework thinks and centers the brightest white light accessible for all intents and purposes shadow free Unique plan empowers fog light chan...

Fiber Optic Operating Light


Determination: Non-Drift light pipe with 360 degree turn bolt on any position. Variable Halogen light of High lntense 150w Bulb.. Sit without moving for different Micro Surgery Operations. Conserva...

Trial Lens Set


Trial Lens Kit is an alluring set, arranged from imported additional white focal points of elevated expectation precision. The focal points are of plano from Black Vertex Power. 20mm gap fitted in ...



Notable Features Cordless activity and less power utilization. Minimized, light weight and convenient instrument. Straightforward and simple, scale perusing framework. Particulars Type Internal/Ext...

Operation Theatre Fumigator


These OT fumigators expend irrelevant power and for all intents and purposes require no support. Gives activity theater fumigator to suit the necessities of every last medicinal profession.These ta...

OT Lights


OT Lights 4+4 Reflector Dimensions: A Dome Head :515mm Dia Halogen Bulbs :4 nos. 12v x 50 watt Light force at 1 mt. : 70,00...

4 Reflector Light With Stand


Measurements: Dome Head :515mm Dia Halogen Bulbs :4nos. 12v x 50 watt Light power at 1 mt. :70,000 Lux Intensity Control :4 Stage Height Adjustment :600 mm approx Action Radius :1250mm Possible Mov...

Dynamic Triaxial Apparatus


From multiple points of view, triaxial gear reasonable for cyclic triaxial modulus and damping test is like hardware utilized for the solidified - undrained triaxial pressure test. Notwithstanding,...

Soil Analyzer


The triaxial stacking outline is composed as a stand unit in which the workman, pneumatic and the important electronic interface to the PC have been introduced. The loadding outline is accessible i...

Plastic Examination Gloves


particulars : Made of plastic; Textured complete for affectability..

Latex Surgical Gloves


Details : Sterile : Made of Natural Latex,; Micro Rough Finish for better Grip,; Packed in Paper Pouch..;.

Veterinary Gloves


Highlights : High level of affectability.; Leak evidence.; Full length;; Economical, Safe and Hygienic..